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Koolin Balit Health Plan Review
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The following review will explore the health issues addressed in the ‘Koolin Balit Victorian Government Strategic Directions for Aboriginal Health 2012-2020’, particularly those pertaining to women and childbirth in the indigenous community. Initially this analysis will outline the key measures and objectives of the plan which is essentially a roadmap for improved health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians over the course of ten years. (Victorian Government, 2012)
While there are six key priorities discussed at length within the report, this review will focus on “A healthy start to life” and will investigate pregnant women and infants in the indigenous population. With this information outlined in detail, the review will go on to discuss three relevant determinants of health that affect and surround these at risk sub-groups. These determinants include – Education, Access to Health Services and The Social Gradient. (Keleher & MacDougall, 2016)
The Koolin Balit plan was created with the principle aim of improving the quality of life, as well as significantly extending the life span of indigenous people. The plan was launched in 2012 by the Victorian Government in conjunction with the Council of Australian Governments as a comprehensive document that clearly outlines the gaps that exist between the general population and the target groups within the indigenous population. (Victorian Government, 2012) Indicated within the report is the improvements which must be made to rates of indigenous infant mortality, morbidity and low birthweights, as well as improving access to services to aboriginal people.(Victorian Government, 2012). Six objectives are indicated, paired with measureable strategies designed to guide the Victorian Government toward improving Aboriginal health over a ten year period. The plan is re-evaluated by the Department of Health every three years to ensure it remains effective and on target. (Victorian Government, 2012)
The six priority areas outlined include:
*A Healthy Start to Life
*A Healthy Childhood
*A Healthy Transition to Adulthood
*Caring for Older People
*Addressing Risk Factors
*Managing Illness Better with Effective Health Services
These priorities were created in a collaborative process, involving various ‘Closing the Gap’ committees, Aboriginal health organizations, regional Indigenous Networks and various mainstream providers. (Victorian Government, 2012). The target groups of this plan include Victorian indigenous people at 4 key stages of life, regardless of location or physical status. This means an inclusion spanning from infants to elders, those residing in both metropolitan to rural areas, those in physically fit or incapacitated condition, inclusive even of those living in poverty to those with financial stability. (Victorian Government, 2012).
The indigenous community has been targeted for this plan due to th...


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