Lab Report On Lakes And Health Of Rivers - AP Environmental - Lab Report

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Beau Jeffries
Mrs. Whitehead
AP Environmental Science
27 April 2018
Water Quality of the Rose River
Our purpose is to collect​ ​and analyze the physical and chemical characteristics of the river to
determine the quality of the water.
Hypothesis/ Background:
Based on the first impressions of the stream we hypothesized that the stream is healthy and the
surrounding areas are healthy.
- Orange
- Meter Stick
- Measuring Tape
- Chemical Testing Supplies
- Nets
- Ice Cube Tray
- Tweezers
- Buckets/ Containers
1. First we observed the site, looking for any visual evidence that the river was healthy or
not. Then we looked at past weather and events in the past that could have affected the
stream in any way.
2. Then we took water temperature, average width and average depth. Using the
thermometer/tape measurer both 3 times and getting the average. Using the measurng
tape in 3 different places. We also took the average velocity of the river.
3. Then we took the chemical measurmentsof the river. pH, dissolved oxygen, tempterature,
number of nitrates, phosphates and turbidity.
4. We then took samples of leaves and biomass in the river to find macroinvertebrates. We
would find these creatures and organize them in ice trays. Then we would classify them
in 1 of the 3 groups that determined how resistant to pollution they were.
Data Tables/ Charts:
Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Average
Temperature 12 Celsius 12 Celsius 11 Celsius 12 Celsius
Width 30 feet 42 feet 31 feet 34 feet
Depth 16 inches 9 inches 15 inches 13 inches
Velocity 1.81 feet/ second 2.22 feet/ second N/A 2 feet/ second
pH Level 7
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 4 ppm
% Saturation 42 %
Nitrate 5 ppm
Phosphate 4 ppm
Turbidity 0 JTU

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