Lab Report The Stoichiometry Of An Oxidation Reduction Reaction

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Purpose: To find number of moles of Fe+3 which react with one mole of NH3OH+ in order to partially balance the equation: NH3OH+ + 2Fe+3 "" ? + 2Fe+2 and to find the missing product.Procedure: H2C2O4 and H2SO4 were titrated with potassium permanganate. The molarity of the permanganate was then found because the molarity of the H2C2O4 and H2SO4 were already known. Then hydroxylammonium chloride and ferric sulfate and water was titrated with known potassium permanganate to get the molarity of ...view middle of the document...

6 mL(1.95 x 10-4) x 5 = 9.75 x 10-4 moles = moles of Fe+2.05 moles/1000 mL = .0005 moles/10 mL = moles of hydroxylammonium chlorideRatio of Fe+2 to NH3OH+ = 2:12e- + 2Fe+3 --> 2Fe+2 so transfer of 2 electronsNH3OH+ --> something + 2e-Oxidation number of N in NH3OH+ is -1, therefore the oxidation number for N on the product side must be +1 because it gains 2 electrons.N2O has an oxidation number of +1 for N, so that would work.Data:Equation 1: NH3OH+ + 2Fe+3 --> something + 2Fe+2Equation 2: 8H+ + 5Fe+2 + MnO4- --> 5Fe+3 + Mn+2 + 4H2OEquation 3: 6H+ + 2MnO4- + 5H2C2O4 --> 2Mn+2 + 10CO2 + 8H2OConclusion: Therefore the concluded reaction would be:NH3OH+ + 2Fe+3 --> N2O + 2Fe+2This was obtained by using stoichiometry half reactions the product of that reaction was determined to be N2O. Some systematic errors could be if the wrong molarity was determined for the permanganate because then that would though off the calculations for the Fe+2 and the rest of the equations, if equations weren't balanced properly, if some solutions spilled, if the buret wasn't rinsed, or if the flask was dirty. Some random errors would be the precision of the instruments used like the calculator, the buret, and the flask.


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494 words - 2 pages temperature suddenly rised from 80 to 86 degrees.Modifications to Original Plan:I got an idea of doing it in turns during the setup for the investigation. Since Sam agrees in my idea, we changed our way of working.Evaluation:Our method used here was fine, if we have turned the fire smaller, there, it may be slow, but the information is more accurate.

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1624 words - 7 pages Free Casto 1 Morgan Casto Dr. Hillwig Chemoselective, Syntheses of Natural Fragrance and Perfume Additives Lab Report 2/26/19 Introduction: One of the most important concepts within chemistry is the chemoselectivity of reactions. This concept deals with a how reagent will choose a functional group to react with, resulting in the formation of the major product. Our lab studied 6 reactions: three oxidation and three reduction of the three compounds

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