Lack Of Communication Due To Technology San Jacinto College Essay

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Mostafa Saber
Professor Casey Zander
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24 April 2016
Lack of Communication Due to Technology
Communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of human life. You can imagine how life would be without communication. Technology, on the other hand, is the solution to human problems, in the sense that technology makes work easier (Bargh, John, and Katelyn, 2004). Simply, it means that both of these aspects are vital. However, technology seems to result in a lack of communication among people. The fact that we were born and brought up in an era characterized by new and sophisticated technologies makes us feel like we are better placed than our ancestors, who rarely came across any technological device. To be honest, the prevalence of technology has been very advantageous because it has led the world to resemble a global village; with modern technological devices, one can communicate with and reach friends, relatives, and business partners overseas. However, the advancement of technology has been a serious disservice to the new generation that has relied too much on modern devices like the iPhone as a means of communication. As a result, they have forsaken the ancient forms of communication involving face-to-face and one-on-one interaction between people. The advancement of technology is a blessing in disguise because it caused people lacking the ability to communicate with their counterparts to have the most efficient ways of communication through means such as face-to-face communication and personal interactions among people. Technological advancement has led to a lack of communication among the human race all over the world (Gant, Diana, and Sara, 2002). This paper seeks to explain how technology has adversely resulted in a lack of communication. With the availability of new and modern technology that is already present, and the ones that are discovered with each and every rising sun, people seem to have developed an intense reliance on technology, thus resulting in a lack of communication.
Modern technology has enabled people to have quick and instant communication from one place to another region (Hampton, Keith et al., 2011). The invention of technological devices, such as the iPhone and tablets, has enabled people to carry devices in their pockets that can connect them to the entire world. Very few have the time to attend family get-togethers meant to create family reunions because it is very easy to maintain constant communication with family members who are away from their native countries. This is characterized by the generation of people that prefer to communicate through their technological devices rather than having personal interactions with their counterparts. It is very obvious that if one walks into a college institution, one can hardly find people sitting somewhere and discussing their daily activities. Instead, one will observe people sitting in the hallways with their fingers moving up and down ...


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