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Land Degradation Essay

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Land degradation is a decline in the quality of land. There are several major types of land degradation in Australia. Some of which are listed below:Soil erosion occurs when large numbers of trees are removed from a small area. Normally, soil is held together by tree roots. However, when these trees are removed, there is nothing to hold the soil together, so when the wind blows the rich, fertile topsoil is easily blown away. Once this has occurred, crops planted on this land are of lesser quality and quantity, as there are less nutrients present in the soil. Sometimes this problem is ...view middle of the document...

However, when these trees are removed, rainfall causes the water table to rise, bringing with it dissolved salts from rocks deep under the earth. Eventually,Eutrophication is another form of land degradation. Underneath the soil is a layer of water called the water table.The only ways we can resolve this kind of land degradation is by being careful where we let chemicals from things like car washes, weed poisons and any other related source flow. Removing salt from the water, this helps to make the water usable by other plants. Water from the water table is absorbed, reducing the level of it back to normal. This can only be helped by planting one of a very few salt-tolerant trees, which help by:1. If we can do this, Soil erosion will hopefully be kept to a minimum and farmers would be able to make more profit and provide us with food. Without these leaves, photosynthesis can not occur, so the plants die. This excess of nutrients encourages algae to grow. er, to prevent further damage, and, years later, to try to replant crops. As salty water cannot be absorbed by plants, the plant runs out of water, so its leaves fall off. This algae uses up oxygen from the water, which kills other live such as fish living in the water.

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