Language Changes And Various World Englishes University Of Kwa Zulu Natal Assignment

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1(a) Migration
Migration can evolve a language in several ways. Due to the movement of people from one region (e.g. country) to another, they are then exposed to different geographic settings, speakers will create new languages such as pidgins and creoles, therefore, a new form of English language (e.g. American English, Australian English) was developed from the existing one (standard English), and it led to people of different countries to use it in another form that is different from the standard English. Since an environment can contribute to the evolving of language, people of different religions ended up speaking and writing different Englishes because of their differences in terms of geographic settings. If one moves to a place where his/her language is not dominant, they will be forced to learn and use the dominant language(s) e.g. a British or England citizen visits and stay in South Africa for a long time, he/she will gradually adapt to South African English, therefore a new form of language (English) is developed.
(b) Social prestige
Social prestige has greatly influenced the evolving varieties of Englishes spoken worldwide. People often want to engage and become associated with other social groups that are unique from theirs, such that when people are exposed to different educational society where a different form of language (English) is widely used other than their own language, they will shift to the one that is used because situation forces them to do so, a pressure from a wide social group makes one own language to become evolve. With the presence of prestige, people can imitate languages of their fellows, if admired people like presidents, ministers regular use certain language in a country, e.g. South African English used by the president of South Arica during speeches, this will influence all the citizens and they become used to the language as they find it vital, in other words, when people with great prestige use particular language, it then adopted by many individuals within the society or it can be a country .
(c) Culture differences
Different cultures tend to have a great influence when it comes to language change. When an English native speaker interact non-native English speaker`s culture of language, especially where the language of one the two is different, the evolving of language further occurs. When a group of people reflects new situations, objects, and encounter other people of a different culture there are possibilities that one will adapt and learn new g of language. Since cultures are different, people of different cultures usually to use certain language that is understood amongst them, therefore, when ones from unique culture associate them with another culture, they will have to use that culture`s language in order to have a sense of belonging to that particular group of people, if you understand other people`s languages means you also understand their culture, these two (langu...


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