Latin 1 Study Guide For Beginning Latin - 9th Grade - Outline

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By: Lily Zheng, ​Ludmilla Pajo​ ​only a little bit and, ​Jennifer Shim a smaller bit  
First Declension:
-Recognized by the​ -ae​ ending of the genitive singular (ex- Puellae)
Feminine Singular Plural
Nominative Puell​a​ (A girl/The girl) Puell​ae​ (The girls)
Genitive Puell​ae​ (Of the girl) Puell​arum​ (Of the girls)
Dative Puell​ae​ (To/For the girl) Puell​is​ (To/For the girls)
Accusative Puell​am​ (A girl/ The girl) Puell​as​ (The girls)
Ablative Puell​a​ (-By/ With/ From) Puell​is​ (-By/ With/ From)
Nominative ​Case: The subject of the verb
Predicate Nominative- A noun used with a linking verb (ex- Asia est Provincia)
Genitive ​of Possession: To show possession
Ex) Agricolae villa-The farmer’s farmhouse Agricolarum villae-The farmers’ farmhouses.
Dative ​Case: The indirect object
ex) the girl gave the gift ​to the boy
Accusative ​Case: the direct object
ex) Poetas laudamus- we praise poets
Predicate Accusative- making, naming, choosing ex) filiam voco helenam-I call my
daughter helen
Ablative ​Case: To indicate accomplishment Used with the preposition
ex) Agricola cum nautis navigate- the farmer is sailing with ​the sailors
Second Declension
-Genitive singular end in​ i
Masculine Endings
Masculine Singular Plural
Nominative Amic​us Amic​i
Genitive Amic​i Amic​orum
Dative Amic​o Amic​is
Accusative Amic​um Amic​os
Ablative Amic​o Amic​is
Neuter Ending
Neuter Singular Plural
Nominative Verb​um Verb​a
Genitive Verb​i Verb​orum
Dative Verb​o Verb​is
Accusative Verb​um Verb​a
Ablative Verb​o Verb​is
First Conjugation Verbs:
-Shows the person and number of the verb (use the second principal part)
Take off -re of second pp and add
Present Singular Plural
1st Person -o or -m (I) -mus (we)
2nd Person -s (you) -tis (you all)
3rd Person -t (he/she/it) -nt (they)
Principal Part:
-A verb has 4 principal parts
ex) Paro, Parare, Paravi, Paratus
Paro- present
Parare- infinitive (to)
Paravi- perfect
Paratus- perfect past participle
Ending in ​-us
----------------Singular------------------------- -----------------------Plural----------------------
Masc Fem Neut Masc Fem Neut
Nom Mal​us Mal​a Mal​um Mal​i Mal​ae Mal​a
Gen Mal​i Mal​ae Mal​i Mal​orum Mal​arum Mal​orum
Dat Mal​o Mal​ae Mal​o Mal​is Mal​is Mal​is
Acc Mal​um Mal​am Mal​um Mal​os Mal​as Mal​a
Abl Mal​o Mal​a Mal​o Mal​is Mal​is Mal​is
Ending in ​-er ​And retaining the ​-e
----------------Singular------------------------- -----------------------Plural----------------------
Masc Fem Neut Masc Fem Neut
Nom Miser Miser​a Miser​um Miser​i Miser​ae Miser​a
Gen Miser​i Miser​ae Miser​i Miser​orum Miser​arum Miser​orum
Dat Miser​o Miser​ae Miser​o Miser​is Miser​is Miser​is
Acc Miser​us Miser​am Miser​um Miser​os Miser​as Miser​a
Abl Miser​o Miser​a Miser​o Miser​is Miser​is Miser​is
Ending in ​-er ​And retaining the ​-e
----------------Singular------------------------- -----------------------Plural----------------------
Masc Fem Neut Masc Fem Neut...

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