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Law and Music Charles Biederman of the law firm Bass, Berry & Sims visited with our class on April 2 to discuss his role in the music industry through law. After graduating from Vanderbilt Law School in 1989, Mr. Biederman worked as a New York trial lawyer for four years. By his own admission, he was attempting to carve out a niche for himself and not be "somebody's son," as his father was legendary entertainment lawyer Donald Biederman. After working in New York, Mr. Biederman moved to Atlanta, where for 3-4 years he worked with baby rock bands in a two-lawyer firm. In Atlanta, he worked for Alan Katz (one of the best music attorneys in the nation) and then moved to Nashvi ...view middle of the document...

When Mr. Biederman is shopping for a contract for one of his rock acts he often looks for a commitment for two albums, tour support, merchandising, and videos. Large cash advances are not necessary when there is a commitment by the record company to support the artist. Also important is the A&R contact at the record company. A&R contracts generally last three years, thus when an act is getting signed, its important that the A&R contact with the company is someone whom the artists and managers like and, most importantly, will continue to be around.Before an artist gets signed, though, they need to have built up some support as well. In rock, a grassroots effort can be very effective. Baby rock bands often have a devoted fan base that will grow as performances and word of mouth improves. Currently, Mr. Biederman is working with a bluegrass band called Blue Merle. This band has been building up steam through grassroots efforts and through contacts with independent records stores. The independent record stores are important because they are closer to whatever music is gaining popularity than the larger chain stores. They have great promotion power when it comes to a more grassroots effort than a traditional commercialized promotional effort.On a more lighthearted note (yet at the same time, quite disheartening), Mr. Biederman spoke about the egos of rockers. Oftentimes they want tour buses and demand ridiculous riders. Not only is this very costly (a tour bus can cost $150,000 per year, not including insurance or drivers) but it is grossly unnecessary. Mr. Bieder...


Affirmative Action Research Paper

2892 words - 12 pages Free action" still applies today, despite the elimination of most direct racism. Law professor Jamin Raskin also supports the continued use of "affirmative action" to eliminate the noticeable financial gap between whites and minorities. Finally, long time civil rights promoter Jessie Jackson tells why race-consciousness is still necessary today.On the other side, Congressman and leading advocate of the Civil Rights Act of 1997, Charles Canady explains why

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1143 words - 5 pages became a vital promoter of the New Deal in order to get them the relief that they needed. After transitioning from a progressive platform to a liberal based one, he used these politics to connect with the poor southerners and gain their trust. Bilbo accomplished numerous goals in his lifetime. Despite being poor growing up, he attended Peabody College and the University of Nashville and then later law school at Vanderbilt University yet never

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2345 words - 10 pages college freshman at Vanderbilt, was convicted of three counts of sexual assault and received a minimum of 15 years in prison (Barchenger, 2016). This is only one example of how sexual assault in college can be very political. According to the University of Michigan, 11.2% of college students were sexually assaulted (women being the largest group of victims) with 53% of cases being domestic, meaning the victim personally knew the attacker whether

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2247 words - 9 pages that were essential to listen to recorder music and the difference between that time and our days is that record companies charge people for permission to use tools people already have that they did not provide, that in fact people paid someone else for, yet the legal structure that developed during the time when that services were useful remains. The legal structure says if you don’t pay you are breaking the law therefore you are criminal and

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1289 words - 6 pages label, however, because much of the time it was quite literally everyone else. The most influential and infamous Robber Barons were John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and William Randolph Hearst. These five men dominated the oil, steel, media, shipping, and railway industries along with many others. Although often shamed for their cheap business tactics, “Most of the fortune building was done legally, with the

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1147 words - 5 pages Pan 1 Andy Pan Music 15, Alicia Mastromonaco Professor Henry Michaels Section Wednesday 12 PM Pure Exoticism and the Influence of Gamelan Music In Ralph P. Locke’s Musical Exoticism, he introduced two possibilities that exoticism are categorized in: Pure Exoticism and Transcultural Composing. Pure Exoticism is the process of evoking in or through music a place, people, or social milieu that is not entirely imaginary and differs profoundly from

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1803 words - 8 pages 2 Erin Rodriguez English 1b (T 1110-1235) Professor Doyen 4/9/2019 Child Sexual Abuse Within the Church History shows the Catholic Church has been covering up child sexual abuse by clergy for centuries; over the last thirty years reports of the abuse has been brought to light with lawsuits. Still to this day the Catholic Church is governed by the Code of Canon Law which gives the leaders structure to protect their positions and decision-making

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846 words - 4 pages Napsters Effect on the Music Industry         Napster is a program that provides an exchange between people across the world where they can easily share music files over the Internet. This program has become the Number one search term on the Internet today. This program does not, or cannot distinguish between copyrighted music and non-copyrighted music, which means big record labels claim "piracy" on their released material. Debate

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1039 words - 5 pages and their illegal copying of them without proper permission. People were downloading and sharing digitally perfect versions of music that they did not pay for. Title II is the safe harbor provision where Napster was trying to claim itself a conduit and use the System Caching provision (“THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT (AND MAKING SENSE OF NAPSTER) | Law Office of David McEwing, P.C,” n.d.). Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. What was the

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1613 words - 7 pages Free think ​The Little Mermaid: ​ was a representation of leaving traditional and populist legislation behind into making a more functional progressive society. Again, music is banned in the kingdom because of the fear and sadness the king feels. Emotion being the center of the reasoning behind legislation is key into labeling populist or traditionalist creation of law; Not that it increases safety or lessen the discourse within the kingdom but because

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1830 words - 8 pages Music, The RCA Records Label, Capitol Records Inc., and Interscope Records. RIAA has recently sued as the law suit states:The defendant made unauthorized copies of those 80,000 audio CDs, loaded theunauthorized copies onto file servers, and is permitting users of its Internet service to listen to and download those unauthorized copies. Despite the plaintiffs requests, the defendant has refused to discontinue this massive ongoing

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722 words - 3 pages sciences of war and peace, so especially in music, everyone must admire and revere"Nƒnlabors of life time made Bach blindNƒnHowever, he finished his final task, the revising of 18 chorale preludes doe the organthe dying composer dictated to a son-in-law the last of these, Before Thy Throne, My God, I Stand.

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3541 words - 15 pages foothold on live music scenes internationally. Legal Our bus allows a upside a monetar website must str - 1988’ a privac Protecti target a possibil Consum property l structu siness will b all seven co and downsi ry cost invo e and applic ress benefit , which exis cy breach. O ion Law, as audience can lities of fals mer Law - 2 y, and so th Get ure & jus be formed a o-founders t de the busin olved in gett ation develo ts that the le sts in order Our

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693 words - 3 pages playing loud throbbing and bumping music it makes you feel the mood of the scenes and the actors. The clothing and appearance choices in the film were excellent, in showing that the old west wasn't all pretty pictures of perfection, but by showing that their clothes were dusty and worn from riding through the desert and running from the law and many others, riding wherever that might have taken them. Their appearances in the movie were unclean dirty

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428 words - 2 pages Anelisa Duma 9E4 If I could choose which era I was born in I would choose... What do Michael Jordan, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Britney Spears and Walkmans have in common? They were all things that made the American 1990s the best decade ever! If I could choose which era I was born, I would choose the mid-eighties so I could be able to grow up in the Iconic 90s. Firstly, the 90s had some of the best music. The 90s saw the rise of the greatest