Leadership 251 Assignment Questions For First Five Chapters Of Textbook Leadership 251 Assignment

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INDP 251 Exam 1 Summer Session:
MULTIPLE CHOICE: Select one and only one answer for each question. Mark your answers on the answer sheet provided and submit it to the D2L dropbox entitled Exam 1. Please insure you fill out all the questions and keep them in the proper order. (Each Question is worth 4 Points)
Chapter 1:
1. Power is described as
a. A relational concern for both leaders and followers
b. Use of force over others to manipulate them
c. Letting any follower do whatever he or she wants
d. Forcing people to engage in extreme behaviors
2. The “Great Man/Person” trait definition of leadership
a. Is about the interaction between leaders and followers
b. Can be learned
c. Is restricted to those with inborn talent, qualities, or characteristics
d. Is about developing leadership skills
3. The four key elements of the definition of leadership used in the text are
a. Trait, goal, emergent, expert
b. Process, influence, group, goal
c. Values, ethics, process, performance
d. Capability, competency, skill, relationship
4. People in the organization like me because I know what I am doing and share knowledge with followers. I have
a. Position power
b. Personal power
c. Information power
d. Legitimate power
e. Reward power
5. Chief executive officers of any company have
a. Legitimate power
b. Referent power
c. Expert power
d. Personal power
e. Emergent power
6. I can emerge as the leader in my group project by
a. Telling all group members exactly what to do
b. Communicating and listening well with group members
c. Sitting at the head of the table
d. Being designated by the instructor as the group leader
7. Kellerman argues that in the last forty years there has been a shift in leadership power from
a. Shared power to top down power
b. Leader dominated power to shared power with followers
c. Follower dominated power to shared power with leaders
d. Referent power focus to coercive power focus
8. Information power is
a. Associated with having formal job authority
b. Based on followers liking of their leader
c. Derived from having the ability to provide rewards
d. Focused on the social contract between leaders and followers
e. Derived from possessing knowledge that others want or need
9. Who is responsible for the leadership process?
a. Followers
b. Leaders
c. Organizations
d. Followers and leaders
10. The common goals element of the definition of leadership means
a. Leaders and followers have a mutual purpose
b. Leaders and followers have similar personalities
c. Leaders and followers have similar interests
d. Leaders and followers have a mutual desire for power
11. Social identity theory would suggest leadership emergence occurs when
a. The group identifies with the leader
b. They acquire the skills to do the job well
c. The group assigns them the role of leader
d. They become most like the group prototype
12. To coerce means to
a. Influence others toward a common goal
b. Influence others to behave ethically
c. Influence others to do something against...

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