Leadership And Management Style Of In N Out Lynn University, Leadership & Management Of Organizations Essay

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In-N-Out: Success for the Underdog
Mónika Badillo
Lynn University
In-N-Out: Success for the Underdog
In-N-Out Burger has been a staple in Southern California since Harry and Esther Snyder opened the doors to their first location in Baldwin Park in 1948. They have built a fast food empire and a long-lasting legacy based on a simple philosophy of giving customers “the freshest, highest quality foods you can buy and provide them with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment” (Reference for Business, n.d.). Throughout the decades, the Snyder family has been able to create a unique organizational culture that has brought them much success without wavering in their convictions or sacrificing a high standard of customer service which their customers have come to know. From the start, they set off on a mission that has become a core component of their identity and has given them a competitive edge over much larger fast food corporations.
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder opened their first In-N-Out with the idea of providing fresh, high quality fast food combined with friendly and efficient service. This notion was so important to them, that it became part of their mission statement which still holds steadfast today. Through their strategic planning, the organization has held true to its vision, not just in words but in their actions as well. The Snyders, as well as their successors, took a series of steps to uphold and continue to deliver on their promises.
They named their restaurant after the type of service they were offering: fast. To help stay true to the name, Mr. Snyder developed a two-way speaker unit, known as the drive-thru. Although commonplace now, it was quite an innovative idea at the time, since “most hamburger stands employed carhops to serve food to customers seated in their cars” (Reference for Business, n.d.). Adding another, even faster way to get a meal on the go appealed to many Angelenos, as life in the big city tends to be fast-paced.
In order to maintain quality control over the ingredients for the items on their menu, Harry and Esther’s son Rich Snyder founded a commissary at the headquarters in Baldwin Park. This allowed them to deliver fresh food to each location, thus delivering on the promise of serving high quality fast food. By implementing these changes, In-N-Out gained its customers’ trust and loyalty, which keeps them coming back.
It has been demonstrated by many established companies, including In-N-Out that success usually comes from the top. Managers are the leaders of an organization that not only steer their company in the direction of success, but also inspire their employees to do the same. Both Harry and his son Rich were innovative thinkers. They implemented new strategies that contributed to their company’s growth. One such strategy was the founding of In-N-Out University in 1983 by Rich Snyder. It was designed as a “training...

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