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PROJ 2208
Ongoing Measure Assignment #1 – Individual Assignment: Leadership Research
20 marks (4%)
1. Research and identify the characteristics of the following leadership styles (6 marks):
· Autocratic leadership
· Democratic (or Participative) leadership
· Laissez-faire leadership
· Transformational leadership
· find 1 more and identify the characteristics of this Leadership style.
ANS 1.
· Autocratic leadership- Authoritarian leadership is another name of autocratic leadership. In this type of leadership decision making power is centralized in the hands of the leader. Leader enjoys full authority and give directions to his subordinates to work according to him and they have no say or recommendations for the leader and his processes. No one can question the leader.
1. Limited or in fact no input from the employees or subordinates
2. Decision- making power is in hands of leader and all decisions are taken by the leader solely.
3. From processes, rules and methods of operation all comes under leader’s power and these processes are made and controlled by him.
4. The group’s influence in important tasks remains little to zero (Anastasa, 2016)
· Democratic (or Participative) leadership – The word democracy means “rule by the people”. In this kind of leadership individuals are considered equal by hierarchal standards and all the individuals have shared power in making decisions.
1. Distribution of responsibility – Responsibility are distributed equally among the group members to facilitate decision making, a manager that practicse democratic leadership makes sure no one is left behind
2. Empowering group members – Leaders practicsing this leadership makes sure that their team members are empowered so that they can accomplish their responsibilities. Various methods are adopted by leaders to empower their subordinates, like training and education.
3. Helping group decision-making process- Leaders act as a mediator between group members and facilitate them to work efficiently . He also makes sure that psychologically healthy and respectful environment is maintained (STUDY.COM, n.d.).
· Laissez-faire leadership- Laissez-faire word originated from the French phrase “laissez faire et laissez passer”, which means “Let it be and let it pass.” When applied to leadership, leaders do not interfere in their subordinated work and let them work and take decisions on their own .Theyown. They hope this approach will work and make employees or subordinates more efficient and inspire problem solving attitude in them, it often does not work.
1. Employees have complete freedom to take their own decisions
2. Very little guidance is provided by high officials
3. Continuous check on employees is minimum or zero
4. Power is handed over to employees
5. No time restraints (harness, 2018).
· Transformational leadership- This type of leadership makemakes the leader to work with his employees to identify and fix needed chang...

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