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Leadership Models Essay

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The Blanchard Leadership ModelIn the Blanchard Leadership Model, Hersey and Blanchard (1977) suggest that the style of leadership is dependent on the subordinate's development level, competence versus commitment. The leader then has two different types of leadership, directive behavior and supportive behavior. The characteristics of directive behavior are one-way communication, followers' role spelled out, and closes supervision of performance. Supportive leadership behaviors include two-way communication, listening, providing support and encouragement, facilitate interaction and to involve follower in decision making. When the two types of leadership are put on a grid, four leadership ...view middle of the document...

The employees falling into the delegating category can help continue the project and provide guidance for the other employees. The downfall of this model is that each follower may fall into different categories with each new task; therefore another assessment of the followers' skills and motivation will need to be done.Four Framework ModelBolman and Deal's (1991) four framework approach suggests that leaders display characteristics of one of four types of framework: Structural framework, Human Resources, Political and Symbolic. Any of these frameworks may be used for different situations. It is important to understand that more than one framework can be used at the same time for effective leadership and not be limited by the framework that is most comfortable to us.* The Structural framework focuses on the task at hand. They are focused on structure, detail, strategy, implementation, analysis and design in order to achieve their goals. They are a social architect. When ineffective they become too detail oriented and a petty tyrant.* The Human Relations framework is more focused on support and environment. They provide motivation, keep people involved, and help maintain balance between human needs and formal roles. They are a catalyst and servant. When ineffective they become a pushover, whose style is abdication.* The Political framework focuses on power. They develop power by bargaining, forcing or manipulating others. They look for opportunities to excise power. They are considered an advocate and build coalitions with other leaders. When ineffective they can be manipulative and a hustler.* The Symbolic framework focuses on vision and inspiration. The work place is an arena for role playing and to share rituals. They are considered a prophet and a poet with a level of inspiration. When ineffective they become a fanatic fool whose style is smoke and mirrors.This model...

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