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1. What was the main leadership challenge facing Ghosn?
There was no indication that Nissan would see increases in either margin or volume of sales
to overcome the losses. The next leader of Nissan was either going to turn Nissan around within two to three years, or the company faced the prospect of going out of business.
2. What is the role of the leader in driving change in a global business?
When Renault formed a strategic alliance with Nissan, Ghosn was asked to take over the role of Nissan COO in order to turn the company around in a hurry, just as he had done earlier in his career with Michelin South America. For Ghosn this would be the fourth continent he would work on, which combined with the five languages he spoke, illustrates his capacity for global leadership.
3. What would you consider to be the key leadership skills and behaviours of Ghosn?
I think one of the most important characteristics of Carlos Ghosn is represented by the ability to embrace cultural differences. His personal background encourages and supports such an approach. He accepts cultural differences and even includes them in the organizational culture. His leadership style is based on the following principles:]
Relationship between execution and strategy
Transparency Charismatic or transformational
People oriented
Charismatic and transformational leadership
4.How does Ghosn deal with the cultural diversity of the organisation?
A. the willingness of the Nissan employees at all levels to change their mindsets and embrace new ideas. He was the first manager to actually walk around the entire company and meet every employee in pers...


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1161 words - 5 pages as slightly higher than men (Class, 1999; Kabacoff, 1998). Gender leadership does play a significant role in M&A success. For both acquirers and targets, their female and male leaders bring different leadership skill sets to M&As. By knowing and using these results during all phases of M&As, acquirers can more strategically assign the right leaders to pre- and post-deal teams to leverage the leadership strengths of both men and women to assure M&A

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