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Learning Essay

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The two most important learning and why they are important. How will you use these learning in your business and personal lives?A life lesson can be retracted from an economic class. A one decision can lead to one thing or another and thus shall be the cause of all the effects that it can do to a business or even to an individual. An unwise decision can lead a company in closure and thus would result to a lot of jobs lost. This effect would trickle down to the very dependents of each and every employee.On the other hand, if a decision is a wise one, the fruits would be beneficial and would be able to propel a company to greater heights. Therefore, from the lessons in the class, a decision can be made with great confidence if such is based on qualitative and economical studies.From this scenario, one of the important learning is the analysis on the ...view middle of the document...

In this sense, the company should be with the tides of the world and realize that the market is the whole world and thus we are not confined by continents and governments. Markets and businesses are now borderless. Instead of being stubborn and rejecting change, one must learn to embrace the challenge and improve oneself. This is to be able to face the greater challenge ahead and forget losing time on denial.Same as in life, one must be able to make decisions based on deep and careful analysis of the situation and identifying decision criteria to be able to have no regrets in the end. More importantly, one must be able to adapt continuously to changes in life such as moving to college, or working or finding a new company.Two least important learning and why.Other learning could be attributed to the importance of the basic economic principles which can serve as the core structure and basis for guiding one individual or firm in decision-making, of course other than self or gut feel.Equally noteworthy learning would be being keen on the competition and the market. This would provide one firm to be sensitive to the needs of the market and thus would drive other talents such as innovation and passion for continuous improvement. One must be able to realize that the company should not stop in finding the customers to provide the products rather than having the customers find for the product. Having this thought in mind, this would drive a company in directing its operations, supply chain and expansion decisions. Thus, knowing market needs would be the key and catalyst in every decision-making process of a company that shall arrive into something intelligent, worthy and would propel the company into greater heights. This would give definitely give competition more spice.References: Pigors, Paul. 1961. Personnel Administration: Point of View and a Method, McGraw-Hill Book, New York.Sison, Perfecto. 1991, Personnel and Human Resources Management, Rex Printing Company, Quezon City.

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