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This module I had to create a project negotiated with my tutor and supporting documents. I decided that because this is my third year, I would make conscious efforts to push myself in as many ways as I possibly could, with kit, production documents and narrative writing. The freedom that this project gave me really made me want to succeed in all aspects including my professionalism.
The first thing I did for this module was set up a project schedule. Project schedules are extremely useful, and it kept me on track throughout my whole paper work and filmmaking process. A project schedule is majorly useful, and it contributed massively to my film. I’d set up two schedules, one was a film schedule which showed a full recce and times for the shoot day, the other was for the entire project listed with my classes and times. This was a major help to me as I had allocated times for what to do and I remained on top of my paperwork and helped me leave time for re-shoots with plenty of edit time. The main improvement I wanted to make was my organization skills and I feel I did so by creating these schedules and marking up allocated times.
Brainstorming came next. I spent around ¾ days brainstorming. When I started this project, I already had my film idea in mind, so all I really had to do was develop it, once I had solidified my film idea and the narrative, I put out a casting call. Once I hired my actors, I feel I built a strong relationship with my actors as we kept in touch frequently and this improved the quality of my film, building the characters and creating a positive filmmaking environment.
I used new kit this year that I had never used before such as the de-do lighting kit. These were essential to my film as I wanted to capture theatrical lighting effects as it was one of the main elements in my film. I had a t...


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