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Learning Styles Essay

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We each learn and route information in different ways. Most teachers talked to us, and we answered their questions. Schools taught one way and didn't assist or encourage us to learn our unique styles.There are many different techniques to classify learning styles such as perceptual modality, information processing, and personality patterns. Perceptual modalities define biologically based reactions to our physical environment and represent the way we most efficiently adopt data. We should learn our perception style so we can seek out information in the format that we process most directly. Information processing distinguishes between the way we sense, think, solve problems, and remember information. Each of us has a preferred, consistent, distinct way of ...view middle of the document...

Pictures and images help them understand ideas and information better than explanations. When someone explains something to a visual learner, he or she may create a mental picture of what the person talking describes.Many people assume reading is a visual action. Though we see the words, most of us process the information by hearing ourselves say the words. As a result, researchers identify people who prefer to process by reading, auditory learners. Others label the readers 'Print-oriented,' aligning them closely with visual learners. Visual learners are more shape and form oriented. Print-oriented people depend more on words or numbers in their images. Auditory learners also fall into two categories. Auditory learners prefer spoken messages. The less understood auditory learners need to hear their own voice to process the information.While some auditory learners prefer to listen to both themselves and others, mounting evidence suggests the two types are distinct and separate. Kinesthetic learners want to sense the position and movement of what they are working on. Tactile learners want to touch. Let's work with this stuff. Most assessments group kinesthetic and tactile styles together, though they mean different things.We can sometimes sense the way people process by listening to the words they use to describe learning situations.Studies show that single-style classes (where modality indicators segregate a group) can be more effective than classes with diverse-style learners. Likewise, learners can compensate when the instructional medium doesn't match individual style. Kinesthetic learners may benefit from reading and auditory learners can improve their understanding by touching what they are working on.

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