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April ThurmanIvyTech 120-285September, 17, 2014My LegacyIn these past 35 years, I have learned so many of life lessons. Although, I'm still young and still working on being a better person; the experiences I have lived through have definitely helped to shape me into the person I am today. Some of my most prized life lessons are having learned compassion, patience, and lending a helping hand.One of the most important lessons I absorbed was to have compassion. My twin sister is a quadriplegic, and from a young age I was surrounded by people with mental and physical handicaps. It took me over a decade to understand her disability; I've always made a point ...view middle of the document...

I started dancing at the age of two. I found it fun and enjoyable. My mother enrolled me into a dance studio. It taught me how to communicate with others; managing my time with practice and performances became a must. Helping others rehearse the correct steps and moves enlightened me to a great feeling of accomplishment. I learned what it meant to be patient.I fulfill my dream on a daily basis. My step daughters talk all the time, as in, liking the sound of their voices. Understanding how to communicate helps me to know their needs and wants. I teach them to use their words; that is I can not help if I do not know what is happening. I always encourage them that nothing is impossible. An example of this is my six year old begged me for hours to take her training wheels off. I finally did. It only took her six hours to ride without them. Watching her be so determined to get it. She never gave up. Watching the excitement on her face made me realize that I had imprinted her with always trying and not giving up.I can not say for sure what my legacy will be. My hope is that all the children that have and will cross my path will take with them the knowledge. To have a good heart, to always help others in need, to respect themselves and others, to find peace in all things no matter how ugly they appear and be determined followed through with in seeing all entrusted things done. Follow my example of leadership, my wisdom, and faith in yourself. If I had to pick a quote to be remembered by it would be my own, "Just be your true self, be honest with yourself, and never give up."


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1489 words - 6 pages surrounded by others, and you felt the love and respect in the room. The pujari would come around with a tray with little gold statues with candles, and sing the songs too. Then, you are supposed to place a small donation or piece of food on the tray as an offering, while the pujari blesses you. I didn’t have money, so my friend gave me a little fruit offering to put on the tray, as the pujari blessed me. Lastly, when we were leaving, I took a small

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1646 words - 7 pages Velazquez 1 Thalia Velasquez Professor Prapopoulos ENC 1102 April 21, 2017 A Wilting Rose Society has set up certain standards for both sexes; men are to be strong and women weak. The problem with these social definitions of the genders is that it leaves the woman on an unequal playfield, often resulting in her diminished sense of self. A diminished sense of self can leave the woman weak, dependent and to a certain extent – fading in her life

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1942 words - 8 pages Free Literature Essay Context is a major influence in the construction of texts, The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood was written in 1985 so the context of the time is reflected in the novel. Personal and social context are critical when writing a novel and Atwood’s views and beliefs are shared in the novel. Atwood is a feminist and environmentalist and she gives a warning to the future to what could happen in the worst case scenario. Many movements

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1505 words - 7 pages a clean getaway without anyone looking for him. Unbeknownst to Huck, Jim runs away at the same time, leaving the townspeople no choice but to pin Huck’s “death” on Jim. Huck and Jim journey together towards Cairo where Jim would become a free man. The time they spend together on this journey develops their friendship and impacts Huck’s views. The development of Huck and Jim’s relationship occurs mostly inside Huck. Twain provides instances that

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2786 words - 12 pages with a warning that Constance’s father, Judge Appleton, is on his way to the house. Suddenly, the Duke interrupts. Kay quickly hides under a table, and is scooted out of the scene and back into hiding out in the bedroom instead, just as Judge Appleton also interrupts the scene. Shorty and the Duke scram, leaving the Judge to belittle Jimmy; Constance soon enters and does the same. After swearing to not be any kind of ladies man, just like Jimmy’s

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2781 words - 12 pages Assessment (Comparative Essay) Ontario Categories of Assessment K/U T C A Student Mark Possible Mark 15 15 15 15 IB Assessment Criteria Analyzing Organizing Producing Text Using Language Student Mark Possible Mark 8 8 8 8 Course Expectations Covered: B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4 SOI: An ideal theme of Gothic literature is how an individual’s point of view on revenge impacts their relationship with others. Task: Create a video essay in which

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1021 words - 5 pages . Instead, he showed me that it is about finding yourself and your true happiness. Within the first few hours of my orientation here at FIU, I was told that all incoming freshmen had to read a book and write a reflection essay on it. At first, I wasn’t too excited about this idea because reading isn’t one of my favorite activities and writing even less; However, the book summary was really intriguing and adventurous that I decided to give it a try

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1004 words - 5 pages the important of having borders? Now that I have you pondering why states are located where they are, why they divided geographical borders and the importance states have on identity; Mark Stein, an accomplished writer exclaims “asking why a state has the borders it does unlocks a history of human struggle” (36). Mark Stein crafted “How States Got Their Shapes” to answer why are state borders important. To do so, Stein utilizes ethos to establish

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4373 words - 18 pages or lessens any stability that a woman might have on her own when leaving the marital home. When a woman leaves an abusive marriage, she has to come to terms with the fact that this man will, at best, not support her, and at worst make it very hard for her to live a stable life while supporting herself. Women who leave abusive marriages may also find themselves in a position where their families do not wish to participate in any hunt and chase

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433 words - 2 pages Teresa Fuentes Professor Gaylene McPherson English 102 Critical Thinking: Comp. & Lit. 09/18/2018 Character Analysis “The Yellow Wallpaper” Many woman now a days suffer from a nervous condition known as postpartum depression which can have a big impact on a woman’s life, it can even impact the people around her. In the story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gillman we learn that the main character is suffering from this type of