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We currently live in a world full of growing and changing technology. We as a
society have become addicted to the uses of these technologies. From the internet,
social media to game systems, we are obsessed and this obsession only seems to get
worse as advancements in technology are made. According to Digital Life in 2025: 15
Theses About the Digital Future, it states, “An employee of the US government based in
Washington, DC, said, “The Internet has brought out the vanity and narcissism of
humanity in an unprecedented way. That will only continue and will be the biggest social
impact” (Page 44). This shows that we have been using the internet in a way that does
not impact society in a positive way. For example, many of us are inclined to post
pictures on social media and flaunt the new car or money that we have, anything to
show off. This often creates jealousy and hate, which in turn may promote cyber bullying
or cyber stalking. My concern is with the future generations ahead of us and leaving a
world where they will be completely dependent of the internet. On page 45 of Digital Life
in 2025: 15 Theses About the Digital Future, it also states, “A technology developer and
administrator wrote, “There will be more loss of privacy, more regulation, less face-to-
face social communication, loss of local or geographical identity, and an onslaught of
ignorance from being misinformed or believing what is being flashed to us from who
knows where.” I work in a Public School and I constantly see parents handing their
children an iPad or smart phone to distract them or keep them busy. Overtime, this child
will lack communication skills, the ability to think critically and as stated previously
complete dependance of the internet. Even as adults we are modeling this negative
behavior. In the video, A Magna Carta for the web, Tim Berners-Lee, states:
“We love the fact that the web is open. It allows us to talk. Anybody can talk to anybody. It
doesn't matter who we are. And then we join these big social networking companies which are
in fact effectively built as silos, so that it's much easier to talk to somebody in the same social
network than it is to talk to somebody in a different one, so in fact we're sometimes limiting
ourselves. And we also have, if you've read the book about the filter bubble, the filter bubble
phenomenon is that we love to use machines which help us find stuff we like. So we love it
when we're bathed in w...

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