Lesson 15 Review Civics And Government Green River College Hsc25 Assignment

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Juan Jan Pieter Oroh
Civics & Government
May 24, 2018
Lesson 15 Review
1. What disagreements about the powers of Congress did the Framers have? How did they resolve these disagreements?
Answer : The American experience with the British government had caused many of the Framers to be suspicious of a central government and executive power.The compromises about representation and slavery reduced resistance to increasing the power of the national government. The delegates, however, still disagreed about how much power to give to each of the three branches of the national government. The problem facing the Framers was how to create a national government that was strong enough to protect the rights of the people, and yet not so strong that it would endanger those rights.
2. What enumerated powers does Article I, Section 8 grant to Congress?
Answer : Article I, Section 8 includes seventeen enumerated powers. Some of these powers give Congress the right to
· Impose and collect taxes and duties,
· Borrow money,
· Regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the states,
· Coin money,
· Establish post offices,
· Declare war, and
· Raise and support an army and navy.
3. What general powers does Article I, Section 8 grant to Congress? Why are these general powers necessary?
Answer : Article I, Section 8 also includes two general statements of power given to Congress. These are the power of Congress to
· “provide for the common Defense and general Welfare [common good] of the United States.”This is called the general welfare clause.
· “make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper” for carrying out the other powers that the Constitution grants to Congress. This is called the necessary and proper clause. For example, un...


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