Lesson Plan For Ninth Grade World History - Edfn 2300 U.T. - Hypothetical Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan template
Lesson Title:
Grade/Level: Date/Learning Experience #:
Curriculum Standards
Essential Question
State Curriculum Standards – Underline your language/vocabulary words
What question(s) or big idea(s) drive your instruction?
Lesson Objective(s) – Student Learning Outcome(s) for this learning experience
Objectives use active verbs, are measureable (if applicable), and link to standards. Consider using Bloom’s Taxonomy or Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.
Knowing Your Learners
Describe pre-requisite skills students already know that will help them meet the lesson objective(s). What is your evidence that students need this/these skills(s)? This may include pre-assessment data; student personal, cultural or community assets you have gathered and observations you have made concerning your students.
How will students demonstrate understanding of lesson objective(s)?
Informal: How will you monitor student progress towards lesson objectives as you are teaching? (formative assessment)
Formal: What evidence (formative and/or summative) will you collect and how will you document student learning/mastery of lesson objective(s)? A summative assessment is not needed for every lesson, however, it is required for every lesson submitted for CAEP data collection point (e.g., 3000 courses – ECED 3210, READ 3100, SPED 3300, PEXS xxxx; 4000 courses – ECED 4680, CUAI 4241, SPED 4710, PEXS xxxx, ECED 4780, CUAI 4391, SPED 4850, PEXS xxxx).
Academic Feedback: How will you give academic feedback? How will your academic feedback promote student understanding of the learning objective(s) or state standard(s)?
Assessment Modifications
What modifications will you make on assessments/evaluations for students with diverse and/or special needs (i.e. students with IEP or 504, struggling learners, advanced learners) and will these modifications be within/for small groups or individuals?
Assessment Theory/Rationale: I am administering/giving/collecting _______ because my students need______. This is appropriate because _________. Provide citation (APA, 6th edition) for learning theory and/or research.
Academic Language Demands
Function and Product of the Lesson The function is the verb, usually a Blooms verb (e.g., analyze, interpret, recount), that guides the language objective of the lesson. This includes a product that students will either write, say, present, or do that involves Academic Language (e.g. essay, present, recount).
Academic Vocabulary What specialized terms and phrases do students need to understand and use to complete the function?
Content Vocabulary What are the key vocabulary words, symbols, or sounds in this lesson?
Syntax and/or Discourse (not Early Childhood)
Syntax What are the specific ways or conventions for organizing symbols (e.g., linear, horizontal, words (grammar), phrases, or graphics that students need to know to be able to do what you are asking?
Discourse What are the speci...

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