Lessons Of Love By Judith Ortiz Cofer

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Desperation, Love, and Torment… The short story "Lessons of Love" by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a perfect example of faulty love, people who abuse love, and people who feel so deep about their love they will do anything for their "partner".The girl in the story is a trust worthy, honest, and an innocent girl before she meets the guy of her dreams which changes her in many ways. The guy changes her personality traits by making her disloyal to her family and indirectly teaching her lie to them. For example, towards the end of the book her dad announces that he is moving, and that she has to move in with her grandma. She is so upset ...view middle of the document...

In the story, it shows her changing herself by wanting to see the boy everyday. The boy works at the local supermarket and she convinces her family to eat more, and shop there more often, so she can see him. During one of these visits the boy says, "Excuse me"; to her, and she gets so happy that he noticed her. This made her more willing to see him. She is now obsessed with this boy, through love, and is trapped, because in her eyes this guy is perfect for her.Now she has become in over her head about the boy. Her school just happens to be throwing a banquet. During the banquet, all she does is look at him, and when he glances at her she feels like she is in heaven. Towards they end of the banquet in the dark he kisses her for the enjoyment for himself. While she's getting kissed by him, her father in the meanwhile is getting worried because the banquet had ended a while ago and she had not come yet. She ends up telling her father that she was busy doing something. This shows how unconditionally she loves him, and how she would do anything for this boy. Analyzing this character, this girl, I realized that she is a desperate, shallow, loving person who just needs a guy in her life to make her feel better. At the end of her book, she goes back to school and finds him, and he cruelly acts like he does not know her. This shows how abusive and uncaring this man is. The moral of this story is, don't judge a book by its cover, what looks good on the outside, doesn't mean it is good on the inside.


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631 words - 3 pages "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare frequently explores the complex types of love. Love is timeless subject. It will forever be the theme of much popular entertainment and the source of conflict for many men and women. No one understands the theme of love greater than Shakespeare and therefore I will look at how conflict is developed through love in "Midsummer Night's Dream"At the start of the play, Shakespeare explores the theme

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564 words - 3 pages “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S Eliot is a highly distinguished poem which extensively explores the human condition through a inner dialogue of torment and insecurity.  The Persona of J. Alfred Prufrock is an examination of the tortured psyche of the prototypical modern man who is overeducated, eloquent and emotionally stilted. Through the use of internal dialogue, Eliot has captured the enduring yet fragmented nature of the human

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1032 words - 5 pages Jiaqi Wang (BM 1st year) ESL IV Essay 1 Final Paper Professor:Ben Martin-Bean Due date: 02/14/2019 The energy of love As a professional composer and pianist, in my life, I experience lots of music performances, and I enjoyed a lot happiness and achievements. However, in my 15-year music career, I never think why the music is significant for me, and why music has energy, and why people need music. These questions made me feel confused until

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742 words - 3 pages In today's world, it is accepted that, no matter the ability of an individual, somebody has a greater gift than him. Whether power, knowledge, or character, any person can equally find a talent to compare with another's. In Cyrano de Bergerac, however, one man has more skill in everything than anyone he faces. Cyrano, with his gentle spirit and vibrant swordsmanship, proves to surpass mankind by taking his actions in art, battle, and love to the

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815 words - 4 pages homodiegtic because the narrator is one who is internal to the narrative, which is on the same plane of exegesis as the story. In the first person narrative, it brings us psychologically much closer to the central character. However, it does lose much of space that can be placed by a writer between the narrator of the story and a character within that story.There are many flashbacks that occur to give us a sense of knowledge and background information

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1291 words - 6 pages years of our lives.”- L “There will be work opportunities, safety, no war, good hospitals, and a government that isn’t corrupt!”- D “I guess you’re right brother.”- L “I will organise to leave tomorrow, get your few belongings packed.”- D “Are we definitely sure about this brother?”- L “For sure.”- D D *Rings a boat person to transport them to Australia by boat. “It will cost $200”- F “We only have $40”- D “I will take 40 then if that’s all

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894 words - 4 pages successful in getting across what her message was supposed to be. Specifically, when she addresses what the issue is and talks about how she personally wants to make it better for other people that feel the same way as her. It is an easy essay to relate to especially if you read it during the time period in which it was written, therefore the context in which it was written makes sense. Works Cited Cofer, Judith Ortiz. “The Myth of the Latin Woman.” 50 Essays, edited by Samuel Cohen, 5th ed., Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2017, pp. 103-110.

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2756 words - 12 pages Americanizing individuals, as Rodriguez himself acknowledges his own case (Rodriguez 506, Friedman 667). The victims are divided into two groups: one struggling to uphold their originality, like Judith Cofer and South Koreans, and the other trying to mimic and follow the mainstream, like Richard Rodriguez. Covered by a smiley mask on which says “globalization,” an invisible force is giving out a new type of U.S. citizenship: it does not involve an issuance

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1021 words - 5 pages In Margaret Atwood's "The handmaid's tale" and Judith Wright poems, some subject matters are similar because there are a lot of imageries based on children and men, from voices of a woman. In "the handmaid's tale" the narrator has lost her child and husband, and in some Judith Wright poems it is about a woman's love for men, and a child being born. Looking at the imagery and language used, we can compare between the approach the writers are

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910 words - 4 pages Ortiz 1 Ortiz 2 Power: Women of “The Twelfth night” During the time in which Shakespeare wrote, his views on woman had differed from those of which we uphold today. In our modern-day society women hold an almost equal position with having the same rights, status and independence as men. But, when compared to women in the 16th and 17th century women had extremely different and tougher circumstances. In the past centuries it was the men who held


2269 words - 10 pages situations wherein one is addressed by conflicting demands and whatever alternative course of action is to be followed by undesirable consequences. (Ortiz and Sison, 1995) The main objectives of the professional code of ethics is summarized on how a professional should behave and act and implies what is right, wrong, prohibited and illegal. For example a lawyer who turned the tables just to defend his client who gave him a large amount of money to

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1182 words - 5 pages dullness of intelligence of future generations. Judith Newman’s essay “To Siri with Love: How One Boy with Autism Became BFF with Apple’s Siri”, however, takes on a more positive perspective when it comes to apps like Siri. She sees apps being beneficial to some kids health and wellbeing because it allows them to help better their communication skills and promote themselves. A final perspective, Eula Bliss’s “Time and Space Overcome,” puts a

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1489 words - 6 pages surrounded by others, and you felt the love and respect in the room. The pujari would come around with a tray with little gold statues with candles, and sing the songs too. Then, you are supposed to place a small donation or piece of food on the tray as an offering, while the pujari blesses you. I didn’t have money, so my friend gave me a little fruit offering to put on the tray, as the pujari blessed me. Lastly, when we were leaving, I took a small

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1036 words - 5 pages . By announcing that there is “nothing sacred here to see” about the declared day, Judith communicates a want for a change of date. Using shifting yet overall contemptuous and critical tone, Ireland addresses the general public of Australia or those who have an interest in Australian politics, highlighting that the brutal history that celebrates the “anniversary of British colonisation” is offensive. In this opinion piece, Ireland specifically

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370 words - 2 pages authors of all time, Emerson had high prestige and intellect. Though he might not have noticed, his words encompassed the most important Habit of Mind. As Emerson said, “life is a succession of lessons.” Humans live their lives everyday learning, changing, and even adapting to the circumstances and problems they encounter. By learning lessons in our everyday lives, we are able to grow and apply our past knowledge to new situations