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Alfadil Ebrahim
Listening Journal 3
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College Life Begins at 7
We all know that children are the beacon of knowledge. They can do everything and they can keep and remember any information can give it to them. In addition, they can tell us what the world going to be or what the next generations will look like. The main idea that the speaker points out is that a hope is the first step to be a successful in your life, and a courage and an insistence are the main equipment to achieve your goals. That means you never give up regardless what the situation you have and never be shy because of other people. To illustrate that, there are many successful characteristics present that with hope and courage you can do anything. For example, Martin Luther King, who is the person that fight against slave, said” I have a dream……” so that means he would never give up and one day he would see the slavery ended, and that was real happened. Also Elisabeth Cady Stanton, who spent whole her life working to give women the right to vote, said “The best protection any women can have is courage.” If we make that general, that means when we begin to fear what other people think about us. We lose the courage to speak up and defend what we believe in. we are no longer ourselves and we no longer have control of our lives. Furthermore, the speaker want to...

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