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Let It Pour: My First Assignment As Executive Assistant

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AbstractAs my first assignment as executive assistant, I am charged with solving specific problems, delivering the solutions and describing my rationale for my proposed solutions to my boss, the CEO of the Faith Community Hospital. In the following paper I will take steps to identify the problems and to solve each of the problems described using critical thinking skills I have learned at the University of Phoenix. I will be using a decision making worksheet along with a brainstorming technique to help me solve these problems. The two problems that I have identified are as follows: The first problem I have identified to solve is the moral and ethical differences our doctors have towards ...view middle of the document...

I have identified the problem, now I have to define the goals.GoalsThe goal that we need to accomplish is to have each doctor administer consistent care for our patients regardless of personal morals and ethics. We also need to make sure that no potential patient is refused care, regardless of the doctors' beliefs, medical coverage or lack of coverage. We also need to make sure that the decision making is not biased by the individual doctors' ethical or moral beliefs. Now that we have identified the goals that we need to achieve from this problem we need to evaluate the effects of our first problem.Effects of the ProblemWe have three separate effects of our problem. The first being the negative media coverage that we are receiving. This is a problem that is connected to our own doctors' ethical and moral beliefs. If we are refusing proper care for our patients due to lack of medical insurance, we are likely to fuel the fire that we are letting 100,000 patients die each year in our nation's hospitals.A second effect of the problem is that outside agencies may become harder to work with. Agencies such as Child protective Services (CPS) may not bring their cases to our hospital if they think that we will not treat patients to their liking or direction. We currently have a case where "Child Protective Services is in the process of taking custody of a baby and threatening to file charges against us because of the way we provided services or, as they allege, failed to provide services. All this trouble, despite our actions being in agreement with the parents' wishes."The third effect of the problem I have identified is the possibility of each patient receiving care that is different, depending on which doctor or nurse is assigned to the patient. Each patient needs to have the same treatment and care from any and all of our doctors and nurses, regardless of the doctors and nurses ethical and moral beliefs.The next step to solving our problem is to frame alternatives; this is fancy words for "look for a bunch of possible solutions".AlternativesI have brainstormed three possible solutions to our problem. The first is to create standard operating procedures (SOP's) for all of our nurses and doctors to follow. These SOP's will be created by a panel of doctors and nurses. We will have to make sure that a member of the board is present in the group to keep the doctors and nurses on track and make sure that they do not get bogged down on ethical and moral issues. These SOP's will be worded so that any doctor or nurse in our hospital is very clear on what care they need to administer in each individual case for the patients.The next possible solution to our problem is to launch a media campaign to counter the news of the number of people dying in our nations hospitals. We can use all of the available media outlets for our campaign. We have access to newspapers, radio, TV, and local bill-boards. Our campaign can target the newscasts that we are killing people...

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