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Letter To Time Essay

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Dear Time: In response to the letter written by Joanne Boyd. I am concerned that some Americans are becoming less supportive of our Presidents decision to overturn the "axis of evil." We elected him, now we should support the decisions he makes on our behalf. I did not vote for him, simply because I was not of age (I am 16 now). However I plan to vote for him in the ...view middle of the document...

The terrorists of the world decide to resort to violent acts and harm innocent people, some claim innocence under religion. Guess what? Most, if not all, religions do not condone violence."Justice is mine sayeth the Lord." Also, "Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall be called children of God." also...Dear Time: I fully support our presidents decision to pacify the "axis of evil" and install a new government, but how many times can America afford to fund a new government. We have a hard enough time balancing our own budget let alone financing several governments at once. In your article on 4, march titled "Lonely at the Top" the Afghanistan Interim leader says, after an army proposal to replace American soldiers with American-trained Afghans, "The cost of America not staying committed is too high." We can not baby sit these countries forever, it's time to start weaning them. We trained Afghans before, when Russia tried to take over Afghanistan. Why not now?

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