Level 2 City And Guilds Unit 218 Administer Human Resources City And Guilds Essay

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Level 2 unit 218 administer human resource records
1. Understand the administration of Human Resource (HR) records
1.1 Explain what HR-related information needs to be kept and why
When working as a HR administrative there are many documents you need to keep that hold information on the employees for example you need to legally give an employee a contract and in the HR department we would then keep this contract for future reference if the employee had any question or queries we could outline what was in the contract. We also need to keep medical or disability history records because if there was ever an accident in work we could then look at the employees file and outline any medical history they may have which could be useful to understand the situation, we also need to keep personal data like NI number and bank details so that we can pay the employee their salary each month. Also as Conduit Global is an FCA regulated company it is a legal requirement that we do a DBS check so it is vital we get a proof of right to work and a proof of address from the employees to do so we can then make the background check to see if they’re eligible to work here.
1.2 explain the relationship of HR to other parts of an organisation
Working in the HR department it is important to have relationship across the business for example a HR department needs to have an advisory relationship with other departments in the cases of grievances or disciplinary events employees managers will come to hr department to seek advice on what the next best step is. The HR department also needs to be supportive linking to the last point the Hr department needs to be ready to support in taking notes and carrying out meetings across the business at disciplinary hearings, welfare meetings and also with interviews which leads to my next point, the Hr department needs to support the recruitment team and be supportive in the selection process. The HR department are the first point of contact for the business as they will administer and hold interviews and also send out information to new potential staff informing them of the basics for example pay, working hours etc then when hired the hr department will then collect all of the required information and update employee records as well as taking out background checks.
1.3 Describe the impact of other organisations on HR activities
The main organisation that will take impact on HR procedures will be the government changes made by the government for example a change in the minimum wage will impact the HR department as they will have to imply legislation and if there are employees within a business that are currently earning less than they will have to increase pay rates. Another way it can impact the Hr department could be changes in government guidelines on minimum standards of qualification required within particular professions for example if you work for a HR department for a school the government could imply legislation that a teacher can...

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