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Bennett immediately bombards his readers with a wide variety of metaphors created by scholars, academics and modern day society in an attempt to explain the nature of the relationship between teachers and students. The use of these metaphors as an introduction to the text immediately makes the reader aware of the conventional methods of teaching and how this previous method does not promote conversation as an important aspect in learning.As we begin to read further, Bennett then delves further into this relationship by referring to Oakeshott, as he openly challenges the conventional view of the relationship between students and teachers by utilizing the "provocat ...view middle of the document...

However, this also opens the question as to whether or not the idea of education as conversation and the mutuality between the teacher and student is totally accurate, particularly in terms of knowledge. From one stand point, one can agree with Oakeshott and Bennett in that teaching should not merely consist of a teacher relaying facts and knowledge to a class of students. Instead conversation should ensue between both parties in order to further stimulate learning and promote independent learning. Yet on the other hand it can also be argued that students will not be able to acquire the knowledge of a teacher through conversation alone, and therefore, the conventional method of teaching is valid in situations where mere facts have to be learned.Throughout the main body of this text, Bennett continually refers back to the importance of conversation to education. In reference to this, Bennett states that "students learn to engage in conversation." Here, Bennett implies that within the university setting conversation is encouraged in relation to education as it he sees it as being a valuable asset to learning.Bennett then refers to "various languages . . . voices". Bennett's referral to such varieties in language and different voices reiterates the fact that learning is essentially a two way method of conversing which again challenges the conventional metaphor that teachers teach and students learn. Oakeshott then reinforces Bennett's belief in the 2 way method of conversing in relation to education by stating that "more than one voice must be clearly heard."


I Would Benefit Most From A Roommate Who

589 words - 3 pages Free liberal views and a roommate with conformist ways this will certainly clash and a few learning experiences will come from it. Her ways of traditional styling might influence my unconventional customs. It is a possibility she could bring me to the "right side" of things and maybe vice versa. I would try to understand why she doesn't appreciate lots of changes and as this happens I could realize different things about myself. Maybe through this

Empowered Education, Democracy In The Classroom. Do Principles Of Democracy Enhance Success In The Classroom Or Not? Yes, Also Democracy Is Defined

1386 words - 6 pages elected body of students who determine the class structure? Does it mean that the teacher has no control over what is or isn't taught in that classroom? Absolutely not. Democracy in the classroom can mean many things. It means creating a learning environment in which students are participants, in which all positions are equally respected without necessarily being equally valued, and where the evaluation of varying positions takes place through

HVS11 Final Exam: U.S. Government and Politics Test - Final Exam

568 words - 3 pages 4. Complete the table. (8 points) The Federal Bureaucracy (Executive Branch) I. Executive Office of the President Definition: II. Definition: III. Definition: 5. Contrast liberal and conservative political positions. What principles and positions is each likely to hold? Identify four principles or positions held by liberals and four principles or positions held by conservatives. You may write your answer out in sentences or construct

Analyzing the Relationship Between Helicopter Parenting and Academic Motivation - Psychology of Personal Development - Article Summary

775 words - 4 pages reported that maternal helicopter parenting was linked to elements such as extrinsic motivation to learn, perfectionist discrepancy, and avoidance goals for learning. All of which are typically associated with poor academic motivation, which has the likelihood to result in negative ramifications in terms of general academic achievement. The children participants of the study consisted of undergraduates who were acquired from a small, public, liberal

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1608 words - 7 pages degree should also promote a lifelong love of learning which should assist police with leadership skills long after they leave their degree. All these factors would contribute to the creation of a ‘Professional’ police force rather than the ‘occupation’ it has been in the past. In this essay I will argue cover these points to conclude that Police do need terry qualifications The community will have more faith in a police force that they do not

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4054 words - 17 pages interests to give up sovereignty. - Realism: Statism, survival, self help and power. The state is the primary unit in an archical system. - Uncertainty increases insecurity. The lack of transparency leads to insecurity Liberalism: - A person who follows liberalism is called a Liberal - Human nature: development, learning, progress - Human behaviour - Reputation - Prisoner’s dilemma: two individuals who are criminals are being interrogated separately

Does It Work?

2119 words - 9 pages . North Thurston Public Schools, 8 June, 2010. Web. 7 December 2012. Hannon, Brenda, and Mary McNaughton-Cassill. "SAT Performance: Understanding the Contributions of Cognitive/Learning and Social/Personality Factors." Applied Cognitive Psychology 25.4 (2011): 528-535. Academic Search Complete. Web. 27 Nov. 2012. Jackson, Robert. "Retooling Education: Testing And The Liberal Arts." Academic Questions 20.4 (2007): 332-346. Academic Search Complete

The dell theory of conflict prevention - NJIT HUM102 - Essay

785 words - 4 pages much has happened during 20th century which has created a different and rather complex fragmented world. By citing the example of Middle East, he argues that Western values of liberal democracy may be under direct threat and as such Western countries may not be able to ensure that its values can be globalized too along with its trade. This argument therefore clearly outlines a trend suggesting that globalization as a trend may not be successful in

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671 words - 3 pages courses will allow me to take advantage of Penn’s world-class liberal arts curriculum while pursuing a specialized degree in a pre-professional program. Taking these courses will also allow me to explore the effect of social media on ideological polarisation, the formal language of movies, their role in culture, and even interesting things like the relationship between children and the media. Beyond academics, UPenn provides a wide range of student

Temple Essay for College Acceptance - English - Essay

1220 words - 5 pages go to a place that is diverse so I can feel comfortable rather than going to a university with a predominant race. Second, I love the liberal arts program, as it would not only teach me how to problem solve and get me ready for career, but also offers small classes which is exactly what I need and want for my freshman year before going on to much bigger classes. I also love the fact that Temple is located in my favorite city,Philadelphia. I try

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1102 words - 5 pages compelling ways Sister Juana does this is in her argument that women should have the equal right to learn liberal arts and sciences to better understand Scripture and improve their relationship with God. More specifically, she relates the study of rhetoric, Classical language, and both religious and secular history to the comprehension of the Bible. These three subjects are especially significant since Sister Juana also employs each of these

The Exploration Of My Lifespan

3768 words - 16 pages 8 "The Exploration of my Lifespan Development" "The Exploration of my Lifespan Development" 7 ReferencesHockenbury, D. (2011). Discovering Psychology + Study Guide. Worth | Lifespan development and lifelong learning. (n.d.). Retrieved from life is a funny thing to live. Consistently we learn, grow, and morph into what we will become through a


1831 words - 8 pages Four Ex's on Art Meaning of title While working on my class presentation for the Humanities project, I was faced with the difficult task of explaining art, I named it "Four Ex's on Art" because of the explanations, experiences, expressions, and examples, I used to create the following essay.After being raised by the views of someone else, is it possible to change the way we perceive our world? Humanities are about the production and learning of

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2974 words - 12 pages unreal as the thought is, it's a curious topic. Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Nazi Germany versus John Howard, the Liberal leader voted in as Prime Minister. Exciting, yet so obvious as to who would win. Of either societies the most preferable to live under would be today's Australian democratic government.Adolf Hitler, murderer of millions, master of destruction and organized insanity, did not come into the world as a monster. He was not sent

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2004 words - 9 pages about feminism today and needs to be viewed in a contemporary context influenced by Individualism, post modernism and a neo liberal society with a decreased interest in politics and activism. Post feminism is best understood by being made up of a number of interrelated themes. These include the notion that femininity is a bodily property, the shift from objectification to subjectification, a focus on individualism and empowerment, the dominance