Life And Journey From High School High School Essay

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Qualification: NQF 6 - Operations Management - Specialist Program
Institute: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
· Quality management
· Financial management
· Demand management and JIT system
· Corporate Governance
· Inbound and outbound logistics management
· Material Resource Planning
· Organisational behavior
Qualification: NQF 5 – Facilitator
Institute: Dionysus
Unit Standard – 123398: “Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace”
Unit Standard – 117871: “Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies”
Qualification: NQF 5 – Assessor
Institute: Dionysus
Unit Standard – 115753 “Conduct outcomes based assessments”
Qualification: NQF 4 - Supervision in General Management
Institute: Durban University of Technology
· PHASE 1: Productivity, Quality, Communication, Numeracy & Finance, Problem solving, Decision making, Systems theory.
· PHASE 2: First line management, Planning, Leading, Organising, Controlling, Understanding business culture.
· PHASE 3: People management, Motivation, Coaching and Delegating, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Change and Diversity, Costing systems, Innovation & Creative thinking, Entrepreneurship.
Qualification: National Certificate [level 3] – First line management
Institute: Dionysus
Qualification: Certificate - General Awareness - Quality and ISO 9001:2000
Institute: IQS Environmental, Quality & Training consultants
Qualification: Certificate - Operating aspects for Linatronic 735
Institute: Krones Academy
Qualification: certificate – Microsoft excel advanced formulas
Institute: Bytes Technology
Workplace trainings
P&Id (Piping and instrumentation drawing)
5s training
ISO 9001
SMED training (Reduction of change-over times)
ISO 22000
SAP training
Food safety
Effective training skills (Delloite)
Occupational health and safety
Problem solving techniques (Various methodologies)
Radiation awareness
Water and energy conservation
First aid
Environmental awareness
Fire safety
Hazardous substances
Autonomous maintenance
Online quality checks
Waste management
RCA (root cause analysis)
Operations performance (KPI, QCDSM, VPM,)
Compliance evaluation
Personal profile
I am an experienced and innovative individual with sophisticated business skills, possessing high personal integrity and having the ability to create trust.
I am highly articulate, confident and a persuasive team builder.
My ability to motivate and communicate effectively influences exceptional business performance.
I am dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team efforts to produce genuine, long term sustainable development.
My career aspirations
I see myself as an ambitious self – starter who can adapt well to any environment, also hungry for more knowledge. Parting with and seeking wisdom to continuously improve myself and the environment within which I operate. In supporting my purpose I’d like to mould my leadership style by ensuring fruitful...

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