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Following the Civil War, we entered a period of rebuilding known as “The Reconstruction.” They say the states had fought so hard against each other and realized that they needed to reunite. This was not going to be an easy task. During this continuous process we are introduced to sharecropping, the “Black Codes,” and what we all knew to be our new lives as a result of the war. It is as much a growing process for us blacks as it is the whites; hopefully we will all just get along.I grew up in South Georgia down on the state line near the old swamps. The period of reconstruction was filled with uncertainty for my family and me. Having once relied on the free labor of us slaves to produce economic wealth, the plantation owners now found themselves without worker. Politically, really did not know what was really going on. We only knew what ...view middle of the document...

” The ones of us who were freed were equally distressed, as we did not own land or have jobs to sustain them. Many of us were uneducated and lacked skills. Far too often did we return to the plantations to work for pay. However, the plantation owners often lacked the money with which to pay salaries.A solution to both problems was the concept of sharecropping. With sharecropping, us who were free would pay the plantation owner rent on a portion of property by giving the owner a share of the crops grown on that land. The plantation owners provide our housing, materials, and machinery needed for farming the land. The practice of sharecropping sustains the plantation owners far better than it sustains those of us who were freed.Unfortunately, rejoining the United States would prove to be even more difficult than running plantations. The southern states had these crazy laws that we called “Black Codes” which oppressed those of us who were formerly slaves. President Andrew Johnson required states to write new constitutions outlawing these codes and to pass the 14th Amendment, which would give citizenship to all people born in the United States. He also reinstated military rule in the requirements and rejoined the United States on July 25, 1868. Eventually, all the southern states met the requirements and rejoined the United States.Southern Georgia and Florida had not suffered major damage in the Civil War. Consequently, the state was able to supply materials such as lumber to the other states for rebuilding. In order to ship materials, an extensive railroad system was built. This opened up many areas of Florida for development.Many of us began to travel throughout Florida. We discovered a land of warmth and beauty. Hotels were built to house visitors. Florida was becoming a valuable state in the new south and the reunited United States of America.Although it was to take much longer to integrate all Americans economically and fully into society, the official period of reconstruction was over.


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579 words - 3 pages Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War classic, Gone With The Wind, gives us a vivid picture of the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction. It follows the leading character, Scarlet O’Hara, who can be seen as a symbol of the South itself. Before the war, Scarlett lives a life of luxury which was typical of many southern belles of the time. She is very snooty, spoiled and led by the rules of the southern aristocracy. While Scarlett is very

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827 words - 4 pages biggest concern or priority. Both President Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Johnson were supportive and appreciative of the KKK, often giving them his personal backing and praising their actions, showing his opposition towards civil rights during the period of reconstruction and allowing the south to pass highly discriminating laws and put them into practice, with Wilson also segregating the White House, and President Reagan undid positive discrimination

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1366 words - 6 pages are portrayed as arrogant, lustful, and drinking heavily. They are depicted going about the business of the country coarsely reclining in their congressional chairs, with bare feet propped upon their desks. The final scenes where the Ku Klux Klan is depicted as heroiccharging to the farm house to rescue the 'good white folk' from the Black Union soldiers during the Reconstruction is especially memorable in representing the ethnic alienation and the

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2051 words - 9 pages Recruiting Poster for Black Soldiers in the Civil War." Social Education 56, 2 (February 1992): 118-120.] [11: Eric Foner, “Rights and the Constitution in Black Life during the Civil War and Reconstruction,” Journal of American History, 74 (1987): 864. ] Military engagements during the Civil War were also different from previous wars in American history. This was the first conflict featuring battles routinely involving tens of thousands of troops

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1113 words - 5 pages Free looked beautiful before the war and then crumbling to a fall during the reconstruction period. Faulkner creates his character, Emily, to serve as an extended metaphor. Faulkner states, “When Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument…”(133). By comparing Emily to a monument, the author is describing Emily’s prominence in the town as a representative of what

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897 words - 4 pages Proposal/Benti | Ann Sheppard Ann Sheppard Proposal: Research Paper for Benti: The History of Africa September 17, 2019 Extra-Legal Violence: A Comparative Exploration of South Africa and The United States Usage During the Jim Crow Era The inherent violence of race relations during the long nineteenth century between 1877 and 1919 of the United States (most notably the geographic South) and South Africa remain iconic expressions of White

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989 words - 4 pages Evaluate the effects of industrialization on U.S. society in the years 1865 to 1900 As the Civil War came to an end in 1865, the nation began an era of Reconstruction to help rebuild America. During Reconstruction, many small white farmers, thrown into poverty by war, entered into a small- scale cotton production. The most difficult task confronted by many Southerners was creating a new labor system to replace slavery. The nation became more

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969 words - 4 pages established citizenship and stated “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of laws; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” As a result, it affected all changed that African Americans has made during the Reconstruction leading to the political and economic inferiority. Additionally, a system of laws was established to label area as either “white” or

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4790 words - 20 pages the control of federal troops like most other southern states until the end of the reconstruction period. While the Republican Party was in control, southern whites had to endure humiliation at the hands of carpetbaggers and federal supervisors directing what many planters were and were not doing. There was racial violence during this period. However, the spike would come after Democrats would reclaim the political power in 1876, which immediately

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1500 words - 6 pages genealogy of Christ is omitted; and the Old Testament is quoted only once." Macrory, J. 1910[ ]Mark 4:27; 5:9; 6:27; 6:37; 7:4; 12:14; 15:15; 15:15[ ]Mark 7:24[ ]Guelich, 1989. xxx.[ ]'Literary Sources for the Reconstruction of the Life of Jesus'[ ]Peter 1 5:13[ ]Guelich, 1989. xxxi.[ ] "And after the death of these (Peter and Paul) Mark the disciple and interpreter of Peter, also handed down to us in writing the things preached by Peter" (Adv

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1106 words - 5 pages displays the feelings of White southerners towards Blacks during and after Reconstruction in the South. Blacks (the Millers specifically) were proving that they were more than capable of handling their new freedom and a benefit to their society. But, true to Gothic traditions, The Marrow of Tradition shows that in a paternalistic, authoritative society it is very difficult to escape the societal caste system. The statement also demonstrates what awaits

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1649 words - 7 pages country was now in the hands of Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s vice president and unanticipated early successor. As Johnson was suddenly thrust into office, he was now faced with the task of rebuilding this great nation (Tindall). Over the course of the next twelve years America went through what was called an era of Reconstruction. Such issues during this period included figuring out a way to provide equal rights to freed slaves; how to handle

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701 words - 3 pages on their homes to make them more livable. On the 4th of July, they had a neighborhood parade where they celebrated where they were at in the reconstruction process. Seeing how positive they were in the midst of all this really made me think. These people remained so happy and friendly when so much of their life had been destroyed. Culture shock really has a way of doing things to you. With my experience of culture shock, it was a very positive

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918 words - 4 pages Battle of Windmill, against the animals. During the fighting, the Windmill is blown off. Reconstruction of the Windmill brings about prosperity, but not for all the animals; the pigs are the only beneficiaries. Ironically, the pigs now resemble the humans that they hated. They carry whips and walk upright on their hind legs. The only rule that now exists is, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." The novel ends with

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1196 words - 5 pages Free the simple primates we once were; surviving for the sake of survival. Orwell uses Winston and Julia's relationship to show the power of the human emotion of love. Winston is a pessimistic man that has nothing to live for except for life itself, until he meets a love interest; Julia. Orwell narrates "At the sight of the words�I love you�the desire to stay alive had welled up in him, and the taking of minor risks suddenly seemed stupid