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Life From A Teenager's Perspective Essay

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LIFE FROM A TEENAGER'S PERSPECTIVE!!! I was born with yet a sense of direction, and I will never make wrong. For I am in a controlled environment in which the hostile world out there may not come into contact with me. I am locked behind doors that contain me in my most absent moments. It will come a day when I can stop and look to the answer and conquer my destiny. And now is the time for I am making the change from a boy to a man and I am now nothing but a developing teenager. For the sense of direction that I possess is in constant motion, pushing me forward each and every day. I am only out to shoot for the moon, for if I miss I will fall among the stars (Anonymous). Mr. B and Class, I would like to introduce you to a life from a teenager's perspective.It is so hard to believe that so little time ago you had no worries, cares, or life altering decisions. Now ...view middle of the document...

We need to begin to lead by example, due to the fact that children younger then your self are watching your every move, in hopes of being like you. We are now awakened to the magic genie of self-esteem, which is so important to any success.We must always consider that all people are not created equal. We all have physical and emotional differences, parental guidance, varying environments or being in the right place at the right time- all play a role in enhancing or limiting our development. But when given the opportunity and encouragement to recognize our potential, we will all succeed (Hugh O'Brian). We must remember that some goals are so worthy it's glorious even to fail (Anonymous). Or if we aim for nothing, we'll hit it every time (Anonymous). We all must learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little rather then to break (Anonymous). All that is said and down is forgotten, but how you made a person feel, is something that stays in perspective for the rest of your life. We are welcomed to express our feelings in a manner of our own, through the emotions that we hold within us, and it is that reason why we should take our time and evaluate situations more often. Cause we are the ones that control our destiny and it is the decisions that we make each and every day, are the ones that make a difference.We should all start to consider what we possess rather then the make-up of society, in which makes things more difficult then what they are. And also never forget the people that moulded us into being the unique individuals of our time; your closest of friends and family are the key to life, for with out them, where would you be? And to conclude, I need to say that it is essential to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, this will enlighten yourself and those around you, making the hostile environment that you once thought, more enduring and with stand able. And suddenly your most absent moments become filled, with the thanks of being you.

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