Life In Hole Assignment

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Body Of MeDear Body of Me,I hate saying that, because more than anything I wish that you weren't my body. I wish you belonged to a criminal, or some horrible person who's done something terrible; somebody who understandably deserves such a horrible physical appearance such as you. Every few hours I look into a mirror, hoping that what I always see has changed, faltered in any way. And every few hours I cringe, shiver in disgust, or look away before I have a chance to react. How could you betray me like this? Every particle of you is fat, cholesterol and sugar and I can't stand it! Why can't you get my message? Why can't you be like all those other bodies, who follow what you tell them to do and get smaller with less fuel? Why is it that everyday I find you've grown larger, an inch more around the stomach, an extra layer of fat encircling the thigh. What did I do that was so horrible as to allow my body to disobey me?I won't deny that I haven't done things wrong, body, because I'm at fault every second of the day, but why is it that you must put my life on stand by to pay me back for it? I'm sorry I've been so horrible, but why can't you just shrink! I'm sick of being the elephants in every room. What I wouldn't give for just ONE moment where I could see myself equal to everyone else, and not gargantuan. I don't understand what you've done to me. First piling on pounds, then purging them up with no success, and now, no matter how much a diet, you grow larger? What am I supposed to do to make up for what I've done wrong? Just tell me and I'll fix it; I'm good at that.Everybody else says that I'm hurting you. They say your getting skeletal. The girls in class are whispering about how much smaller your thighs are than they used to be. I have two problems with that; one, that would mean that our thighs used to be even larger then they are now! And for another thing, why are people saying all these things? It obviously isn't true! I can look in the mirror and see that! We are enormous! Doesn't that make you uncomfortable? Why are people going to such extreme measures to make us gain weight when we are already so large? I'm so scared, so confused, so lost. And I know that it's almost entirely my fault, but you have some cause in it too, you must! So I guess, even though I'm not hurting you in my vision, it would be alright with me if I was, because you betrayed me, went behind my back, and ruined my life. And I need to fix you, to make you small, so I can have my life back. So please just stop fighting! Stop tainting whoever's vision you are !and show the truth. Please. I promise I'll never be bad again.Sincerely,Janaine


Psychology of Ancient Philosophers and a Hole in Aristotle's Argument on Psychology - Randolph-Macon College Philosophy - Essay

2157 words - 9 pages Free Psychology of Ancient Philosophers from Parmenides to Aristotle and a Hole in Aristotle’s Argument on Psychology Regarding Hypothetical Comatose Patients For thousands of years, philosophers have debated the relation between body and soul. The ancient philosophers built upon one another’s ideas, expressing multiple ideologies that still hold relevance in the debate on philosophical psychology to this day. The following essay will examine the

Describes In Simple Terms The Problems Facing The Ozone Layer, Including The Problem Of CPC's And The Emergence Of A "Hole"---Includes Bibliography

2318 words - 10 pages Free ten to forty kilometers (six to twenty-five miles) above the earth. While there is only one chemical form of ozone, it can serve to both help the environment and hurt it."Bad" ozone is found close to the ground, in the air which humans and other life forms breathe, acting as a pollutant. Automobile exhausts and other chemicals can create this type of ozone. Another major problem, besides pollution, which the harmful ozone contributes to, is smog on

Aboriginal Cooking Methods, Aboriginal Dreaming, Aboriginals In Jail And Custody

1483 words - 6 pages quickly rolled over the ashes to be cooked. Then damper was put beneath the ashes & then covered. To cook yam, or vegetables, they would dig a small hole, place the vegetable in it, and then cover it with ash.Steaming;In the Wiradjuri areas, steam ovens still exist. The ovens were made by digging a hole in the ground, they were about 90cm long, & 60cm deep. The clay left over from digging was then made into smooth lumps & then would be

Essay On "Holes"

499 words - 2 pages cairs for him on gods thumb.Camp Green Lake with Stanley and Hector is an exciting experience, I personally forgot I was reading the story and found myself in the middle of it, it even seemed impossible at times to think I was reading the story. Stanly uncovered important information which put everyone in dread changed his life. He found a suit case, precisely the reason they were put to dig a hole every day. In the suitcase he found together

Pathos piece that evokes sadness - Creative Nonfiction - Creative Nonfiction

785 words - 4 pages Free stole everything from me. It took away my friends, chipped away at my GPA, isolated me from my family and friends, and changed who I was forever. Depression is crippling, and it can creep up on you even when everything seems to be perfect. Nothing warrants your depression; you don’t need to have a catastrophic life changing experience to become lodged in depression’s grip. An imbalance of serotonin in the brain may be all that is required to send

An Event That Changed My Life Assignment

478 words - 2 pages In life, I have lost several valuable things and have been unhappy at times. However, nothing can be compared with the sorrow that I came through when I knew that my grandfather, the person I love most in the world, passed away.As I can still remember very clearly, it was a September morning in my first year in university that received a telegram. I opened it and read the sad news: my grandfather had died the previous day. I was totally shocked

A description of an abandoned factory near my house. Great for creative writing classes. Very descriptive

387 words - 2 pages Free I make my way towards the hole in the fence. It's overgrown with vines and leaves. This is one of the many entrances to Curtis Wright, an abandoned factory located in the middle of the woods that my friends and I often frequent. The path to the factories is covered with brown leaves, and I struggle to keep from slipping as I walk. By now all the trees are leafless, which helps me see farther down the path. I approach my destination, an empty

One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich

557 words - 3 pages One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich..Shukhov was about to get frisked. He wasn't much worried, because he was always been a good zek and that was known by the guards and his friends. If they happened to find it, then he would simply say, "Oh, that is not mine, someone slipped it into my clothing". And he would go on. It was naïve of him to think that way.He was next. He noticed that the guard wasn't in a good mood today. The freezing was

States Essay; Based on an Excerpt from a Book - School - Essay

607 words - 3 pages understand the wonder of life. The next major component in the step for understanding was Brunelleschi. He took a painting of a church and a mirror and asked individuals to look through this hole and line up the reflection from the mirror to the building in front of them. This was the start of modern perspective painting and how individuals can view the world changed greatly because of Brunelleschi. Furthermore, Leonardo Da Vinci took Brunelleschi’s

The Girl Who Has a Very Tough Decision - Brisbane grammar - 9A - Short Story

767 words - 4 pages Free Life By Taylor Whitehouse Celine gets up from her laptop resting on her desk with blurred vision, almost seeming as if she’s wearing foggy glasses. Her eyelids weighed down from the tears that are longing to be set free. She stumbles over to her cupboard opening several drawers, coming to the last one. She reaches her hand in, gripping onto and pulling

Life in the Trenches During World War 1 - Dehli Public School, Standard 9 - Essay

523 words - 3 pages Trench Warfare There are many horrible experiences that people have to undergo in life, however, there are few cases that compare to what the Canadian soldiers in World War 1 had to endure in the trenches. Those lucky enough to have even survived the extensive bloodfest were no better off, as the eternal scar of the war marred the soldiers’ ability to resurrect their happiness. “Shellshock”, experienced by many post-war, the overall trench

The Impact Of Advertisement On Gun Control

769 words - 4 pages Free When looking at an advertisement of a doll with a bullet hole in her forehead, I was immediately struck with a feeling of sadness for the brutality the picture represents. It was disturbing to see such cruelty. The advertisement emphasizes innocence and shows how violence destroys.Through the picture of the doll, the advertisement gives the reader the impression of an innocent baby. The color pink is usually associated with innocence. By using

Forever Gone is a narrative that explores the concept of an Authentic Australian Voice - School - Narrative

1193 words - 5 pages drowned with her memories. We were all touched by her wonderful personality and are left with a hole in hearts, a hole as big as the earth itself. I remember talking to her a few weeks ago about the moments that changed her life, one of which was when she met my grandfather. It was that one word, yes, that exposed us to all these great opportunities in Australia. Every corner we cross, we see cultures from opposite sides of the worlds integrating

Monologue about a person that lost his job - Year 12 - monologue

965 words - 4 pages raised eyes. Hurriedly hits a button. Screeching echoed shortly after the cars drives by.] [Protagonist mumbles with arms crossed and head vigorously moving.] How is it that he has a Rolex and I don’t even have a watch that’s worth 50 bucks. I hate rich people and their attitude [states grumpily.] [Sighs heavily. Goes back on his phone. Lighting changes to a red tint.] Man, I hate my fu**ing job! All I do is sit in this s**t hole and wait some for

The American Dream defines as a national ethos of the Unified States - work school - essay

692 words - 3 pages Americans and non-Americans? And it is told achieving the dream as a African American or minorities is harder to have due to racism, discrimination and privileges. It comes as an incredible stun to find that the nation which is your origin and to which your life and personality has not, in its entire arrangement of the real world, advanced wherever for you. The irritation and the hole between individuals, just based on their skins, starts there and