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Life OrientationGrade 11Portfolio Task 2Jan Philipp KünneI am sure that if you have your life all figured out and know what your beliefs, goals and your personal mission statements are at the age of 16, you are doing something wrong. While you are still young, you should live life to its fullest and enjoy that you are young-you have enough time to do nothing while you are dead. Nevertheless, I sort of already know what my life philosophy is-but this is only a "rough draft" since I am still so young.Money is not happiness. That is something underrated, but I think that that is something one should keep in mind. Sometimes, it can ...view middle of the document...

But I think that it is more important to enjoy your life. This includes that you have fun with your job-no matter if you get a lot of money or not. I'd like to see my life more as a build-up to the maximum of happiness. I think that if you stay around people with the same point of view, life is much more entertaining and relaxed. And I see my happiness in traveling. I love to visit new places, to go to far away and unknown areas. I have been raised travelling the world-my birthplace is South Korea-that's just a little hint to where I've already been. I have lived just as many years abroad from my home (If I can even say that I have a home-the longest amount of time that I have ever lived somewhere was four years) as I have lived at home. There are many places that I hope to see in the future. From Thailand to Iceland, and from South America to North Africa, there are so many countries that I wish to visit.The most important thing to keep in mind is that you only have one chance to do all things you ever want to do. The gift of life was only given to you once, there is not second shot at life. And I am sure that if you do it right that one time, once is enough. So don't waste it by doing things you don't like, and by living with people you don't love. Make your own decisions and live for yourself. Don't be too serious all the time. Relax and enjoy, discover and do, enjoy and be happy. This is my what I think is my key to living life how I want to-but I am sure it won't stay like this all too long.505 Words

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