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Life Span Development Chap 4 Notes Essay

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I.Prenatal DevelopmentA.Germinal Period - Conception to 2 weeks1. Creation of the zygote2. Continued cell division3. Implantation - attachment of the zygote to the uterine wall (10 days after conception)* Blastocyst - inner cells (embryo)* Trophoblast - outer layer (placenta/umbilical cord - life supports systems)B.Embryonic Period - 2 to 8 weeks after conception1. Cell differentiation intensifies, support systems for cells form and organs appears2. Attached zygote becomes embryo* Endoderm (digestive/respiratory systems)* Mesoderm (circulatory system, bones, muscles, excretory system, reproduction system)* Ectoderm (nervous system sensory receptors, skin parts such as hair and nails)C.Fetal ...view middle of the document...

Maternal diseases can cross the placenta barrier and cause birth defects- Rubella (German measles) - deafness- Syphilis - mental retardation, blindness and skin lesions- Genital Herpes - only if mother is active during delivery and baby comes in contact with sores; can cause blindness and other complications (1/3 die and 1/4 brain damage)- AIDS/HIV+.....1/3 babies born to HIV+ mothers become infectedIII.BirthA.Three stages1. Uterine contractions and dilation of cervix (baby moves into bith canal)2. Baby passes through birth canal3. Afterbirth - detachment and expulsion of the placentaB.Complications1. Precipitate - move through birth canal too rapidly/2. Anoxia - move through birth canal too slowly (insufficient supply of oxygen to the infant)3. Breech position (respiratory problems)4. Cesarean Section (safer than breech deliveries)* higher infection rate* longer hospital stay* greater expense/stressC.Drugs1. aid deliveries by relieving pain or anxiety/speed process of delivery2. some have negative effects on the infantD.Child Birth Strategies1.Standard - doctor responsible for delivery (delivery room and medication often used)* treated like a disease* father excluded* infant separated from mother2.LeBoyer Method - "Birth Without Violence" - process less stressful for infants* baby placed in warm water to relax* no...

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