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Doctors A doctor prevents, diagnoses and treats human diseases, injuries and disorders e.g. cancers, broken arms and head injuries. Doctors are able to treat people by applying medical knowledge and skills. The medical knowledge and skills are gained in medical universities.It takes a minimum of fives years to train to become a doctor followed by a year as a junior house officer. After this training further training may be done depending on what type of doctor you want to become. This further training can mean several more years of education.Qualifications: Entry to training can be very competitive and so high grades are required.The usual ...view middle of the document...

q You must be able to communicate effectively with people on a one to one basis, as you will be dealing with people at most times.q Be able to make decisions in a small amount of time, often under a lot of stress.q Be able to cope with emotional situations.q Have practical skills and a steady hand for delicate operations and examinations.Duties: Doctors deal with trying to maintain good health of the people that come to them. The job of a doctor is to prevent, diagnose and treat human diseases, injuries and disorders.Depending on what type of doctor you become you will have to: q Diagnose people who have illnesses.q Carry out operations to treat people.q Inform and advise people of their health.Doctors are trained in order to look after people's health. This means that doctors have to know how to look after people's health.Women in medicine: Even though there are less female doctors, the percentage of female doctors is increasing. Women are regarded to be equal to men in the medical profession. There are not many disadvantages to becoming a doctor if you are a woman. If you are a woman with children it may get difficult in coping as the medical profession involves long hours.For more information you can refer to: Kogan page -Careers in Medicine, dentistry and mental health.BMJ Publishing group - Learning Medicine Working In - Medicine and dentistry you may also want to refer to prospectuses of medical universities

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