Lit Design Brief For Visual Communication Koonung Essay

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Lit Design Brief
Designer’s name: Thomas Du Form: 10H Class: CAD
The client is a small child's toy manufacturer based in America called Toys “R” Us. They have been producing children's toys since 1985 and focus mainly on plush toys and miniature play sets. They are an experienced children’s retail store which was founded by Charles P. Lazarus. The client has been in the toy business for many years and has 1600 stores worldwide, with half of them in America and the rest spread across the world. Toys “R” Us has expanded in the toy industry and now has two new branch stores, Babies “R” Us and Kids “R” Us. They are known worldwide for their creative and innovative products that suit a wide range of kids.
Communication need:
We want to expand into the lighting market. We have noticed a growing trend in children's lighting: lamps, nightlights and torch-like toys. We would like you to design a light that can be used by children to go to the toilet or parents room. Mainly, we want a light that can be used by a kid to illuminate a room with different choices of animals or vehicles based on their choice, but also be carried and used so that kids can easily take the light with them to the toilet or their parents room.
This product, being designed for children between the ages...



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