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Why did the Khmer empire fall?
There are many theories as to why the Khmer Empire
fell, however, there are no known reasons that can be
entirely proven. Some of the the most popular theories
from scholars are based on drought, inadequate road or
trade systems, religious change, military defeat, famine
and economic failure. Archaeologists have estimated the
time when the empire began to fall, they assume it was in
the year 1431.
Khmer empire losing control of water
The Khmer Empire had an excellent water management
system which consisted of reservoirs and canals which
were used for trade and travel, with traders traveling by
boats up and down the canal. They were also used for
drinking water, cleaning, both body cleaning animal
cleaning and equipment, as well for irrigation, using the
water to grow food for the population.
As the water system broke it led to floods, and drought,
therefore, the people could not grow rice, their staple
food ingredient or other crops. Scholars believe there are
two reasons as to how the water system broke.
1. The Kings of the Khmer Empire did not care
enough about the water system to look after its
upkeep or maintenance, instead they
concentrated on war and growing their empire.
2. The Khmer Empire began to cut down trees in
the Kulan hi...

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