Literacy Narrative About How I Gained My Literacy Writing Assignment

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Tiffany Chao
Literacy Narrative Assignment
Ashley Hamilton
6 September 2018
My literacy sponsors were are is the world around me. I believe everything I have ever
came across has shaped me in some way or form. I observed the world around me and
understood how people got desired or undesired results. I witnessed how to gain something in
my favor depending on who I wanted to obtain something from. It’s sociology, the study of
society that taught me how to act with certain people (family, friends, elders, peers, workers,
teachers, etc.). Growing up I didn’t know it was called sociology but I had an innate thing for it
because sociology is primarily observing and gathering information from your observations
meanwhile applying the scientific method. In the more contextual sense of Deborah Brandt’s
form of literacy sponsors, my primary literacy sponsors were mainly my culture, church, and
My culture has shaped me a lot in how I act, portray myself, and the values I hold. The
Chinese culture in my mom’s side of the family is taught me how to be more conservative,
paying great respect to elders, and obeying what my parents say and not rebel back. But there
were flaws in my family’s ways and traditions. They were also very nationalistic and narrow
minded with other cultures. When I would go visit my mom’s family in China every summer, I
was more Americanized or Mexicanized compared to them and they said I was v...


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