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Marissa Thomas
Professor Brenner
19 Feb 2018
IND Aff or Out of Love In Sarajevo
In the short story “ Ind Aff,” Fay Weldon uses the setting of her story to teach a young
woman a lesson about life, love, and morality. Narrating the story from first point of view, the
unnamed young woman gives us a private glimpse into her personal life. The young lady is the
protagonist in the story and also the dynamic character; learning and growing in the first few
pages Weldon gives the reader a chance to get to know her.
The setting plays a very important role throughout the story. Setting the story in Sarajevo,
Weldon uses the historical event that took place here to teach the young woman about life. In the
small town of Bosnia located in Sarajevo, an assassin by the name of Princip murdered the
Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. This event is said to have started World War I. Visiting the
town of Sarajevo, the young woman reflects on Princips decision on murdering the Archduke
and his wife, and these thoughts move her into a different course of action. Weldon’s story is
filled with irony, as the young woman seeks justification for a man who happens to be her
professor. Peter, her professor was supervising her thesis on morality. The irony is Peter is her
professor and a married man, while he should be teaching her about morality, instead he is
burdening her with the choice between her own morality and a struggle to be like her sister. Her
sister, named Clare happens to be married to a Harvard professor. Clare urges her sister to go
along with it, stating, “​If you can unhinge a marriage, it’s ripe for the unhinging, it would happen
sooner or later, it might as well be you” (36). She contemplates on the idea of coming between a
marriage, and overlays Princip’s decision to murder as she analyzes her decision. Princips’s
made his decision, he gave his life for the love of his country. This young woman is thinking
about acting against morals for the love of a man. She even hesitates on calling it true love, and
says the only reason she goes on the trip is to make sure it is the real thing.
Weldon uses rain to bring Mrs. Piper into the story, although she is not present in
Sarajevo. The young woman notes that every sidewalk is sheltered by “a shield of bobbing
umbrellas…to keep the rain off the streets. It was raining on his wife, too, back in Cambridge”
(5). Using the rain pouring down upon the main characters while the townsfolk remain sheltered,
Weldon shows how exposed the two lovers are, and how Mrs. Piper, too, is affected by their
actions. The young woman cannot forget her, as she cannot forget the Archduke’s wife. The
young woman never names the Archduke’s wife in...

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