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Garcia 1
Roberto Garcia
Ms. McGruther
English/Period 1-2
February 17, 2017
Parenting Affects Children.
Serial killers mostly turn out to be serial killers if there is a lot of violence in their house
growing up. Khaled Hosseini’s book ,​The Kite Runner ​was published on May 29, 2003. The main
setting in ​The Kite Runner​ is Kabul, Afghanistan where most of the important events occur. The
main characters in the novel are Hassan, Amir, Baba, Ali, Assef, Sohrab, Rahim Khan. Hassan is
one of the main characters of the novel ​The Kite Runner​ because he reassembles the lower class
in Afghani culture which is the Hazara culture. Amir is the opposite of Hassan because he is the
privileged person out of both of them because he is a Pashtun and he is able to do other things
that Hassan can’t do. Throughout the whole book you could see the relationship that Amir and
Hassan start to develop and how they treat each other. Baba and Ali are like Amir and Hassan but
they are the older resemblance of them because they also have in their close relationship. Rahim
Khan is like the messenger of Baba and Amir. Rahim is an important character in the plot of the
novel because he kept Amir informed while he was away in America about what was happening
in Kabul. Sohrab is an important person in this novel because he is Hassan’s son and he mirrors
his father’s image by saving Amir when he was getting beaten up. Assef is the antagonists of the
novel because he always bullies Amir and Hassan and he always tries to hurt them when he has a
chance. He joins the Taliban and he makes Sohrab dance for him but he hurts Hassan the most by
raping him. The environment that these characters grew up influenced their self morality and they
personality for the good and the bad of the world.In the novel ​The Kite Runner​, Hosseini tries to
transmit the message that parenting affects the way children will become as a person, Khaled
Garcia 2
Hosseini uses characterization, conflict and juxtaposition to show how parenting affects children's
In the novel ​The Kite Runner​ Khaled Hosseini shows that parenting leads to how our
children will become in the future through characterization. In the book ​The Kite Runner​ the
author states “Hassan held the slingshot pointed directly at Assef's face. His hand trembled with
the strain of the pulled elastic band and beads of sweat had erupted on his brow."Please leave us
alone, Agha," Hassan said in a flat tone”. Since Hassan does not want Assef to hurt Amir he
stands up for Amir by protecting him with his sling shot and by referring to Assef as Agha. This
helps prove my thesis because later in the novel Sohrab does the same for Amir when Assef is
beating him up. In the book it also states “I blinked the blood from my eyes and saw it was one of
the brass balls from the ring in the table base. Sohrab had the slingshot pointed to Assef's face.
"No more, Agha. Please,"he said, his voice husky and trembling. "Stop hurting him”. Also on
page ...


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