Literature Review Report On Internet Addiciton University Of Texas At El Paso Rws 1302 Report

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Internet Addiction
Literature Review: Internet Addiction
Alexa Servin
The University of Texas at El Paso
Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction
Internet Addition is the excessive use of technology and the internet. Internet Addiction has been an ongoing conflict in the recent years. With the vast expansion of technology and its advancements it was seemingly disregarded. Not until recent years where teenagers were getting severely addicted to online video games that really pushed for a scientific study and raised a greater awareness on internet addiction. Many studies have been done to conclude why internet addiction is so prevalent nowadays. Since then many options to cure internet addiction have been made available to those in need. This literature review will cover the causes and effects of Internet addiction and what can be done to prevent and cure it.
Literature Review: Internet Addiction
In the recent years and late 2000’s the reports on internet addiction have skyrocketed. It wasn’t taken as serious as it should have been. It wasn’t until the impact it was having on other places around the world on young adults getting addicted to video games that really spiked an awareness. Research showed just how prevalent internet addiction was on young adults and the causes almost seemed vague. It is concluded that internet addiction can be classified as a mental illness and may even be a new issue facing the world. In order to figure out why internet addiction occurs and the solution for internet addiction the following questions will be answered.
1. What is internet addiction?
2. What challenges will society face with increases in internet addiction?
3. What can be done to help those with internet addiction?
In addition to the secondary research going to be used to support the answers a survey was conducted to see how much young adults knew about internet addiction. A total of 50 students were asked the following questions:
1. Do you know about internet addiction?
2. Do you know what internet addiction is?
3. What is the reason for internet addiction and what can be done to stop it?
What is internet addiction?
Internet addictions is a impulsive control disorder. It is prevailing among young adults with prior existing mental illnesses. It is an emerging issue facing our world “in 2014 [researchers] estimate that 6 percent of the world is addicted to the internet.” (Richmond, 2014, p. 92) In the survey of 50 students over half of them knew what it was and a quarter of them knew some of the causes. As technological advances rapidly took place in the late 2000’s technology soon could be available to most of the population such as computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. These pieces of technology seemed promising to help students in classrooms, children, replace textbooks, and make everyday life simple and much easier. However, with the rise of social media, YouTube, blogs, video games, etc. Scientists soon discovered there was an emerg...


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