Living In Chicago Verse Living In Des Moines, Iowa Olive Harvey/ English 101 Essay

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Regina Muhammad
English 101
Dr. Watson
November 19, 2017
Living in Chicago, Illinois Verse Living in Des Moines, Iowa
Chicago is not a good place to live in as Des Moines. When comparing the two cities,
Chicago is a harder place to live then Des Moines. Chicago has millions of people and Des
Moines has thousands. Chicago has bad inner city schools and Des Moines does not. Chicago
has higher crime rates, gang activity, and the cost of living is much higher than Des Moines.
Chicago is not as safe as Des Moines, because of higher crime rates. The population of
people is even higher to make the crime rates even worse. Sometimes in Chicago, there might
be fifty people or more killed in a single weekend. There are some parks that are not safe,
because children can get killed just playing. If you are in the wrong area of the city, a person can
get robbed or even worse. Homes need to be burglary proof from intruders, by adding bars on
the windows, bars on the doors, and alarms on homes. People don’t feel safe, so they protect
themselves. On the other hand, Des Moines is a lot safer because there is less crime rates.
Children can go play at any park in the city and not worry about getting shot. Also, in Des
Moines there is much less people, so the crime rates are not as great. In Des Moines there
might be one homicide a month if any. There are very few cases of people getting robbed or
attacked in any area. Homes don’t need to be burglary proof from intruders. There is no need
to have bars on windows and doors. Even when living in the inner city, homes are not getting
broken into. So, there are very few homes equipped with house alarms, because people feel
Chicago schools are not as safe as Des Moines schools because of high gang activity.
Parents need to register their children in schools out of their district to keep them safe. Such as,
Charter schools or magnet schools, and those schools can be miles away. Chicago schools have
dress codes to minimize gang activity. Some schools in Chicago students are required to use
clear backpacks, and pass through meadow detectors. In some cases if the areas are high in
crime, the schools might have security guards. Therefore, all the children in the schools look
and dress ...


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