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Living on Your Own.Living on your own doesn't seem to be a big deal in the beginning. Despite all the disadvantages of living on your own the benefits of it are far greater. While living on your own you can develop important life skills such as time management and greater responsibility, which will lead to a more mature stage of life. When this stage of life is achieved you can decide what and how you want to live the rest of your life. When it comes to the point of living away from your parents house a big door to freedom is opened up where there is nobody except yourself and a lot ...view middle of the document...

On top of the privacy issue most young people these days are complaining that there is someone pushing on them for their time management. If you are living on your own this problem will virtually cease to exist. You have to decide when the rime comes to do your homework, eat, sleep, go to school or go to work. It seems if you have all that freedom nobody can stop you from doing whatever you want when you want except for you. This is great as long as you manage your time well and don't just end up partying all the time, but also have time for school and work things will be great.Another great thing about living on your own is that it is very challenging and adventurous. Great opportunities come around every day which you can take advantage of. The best thing about it is even if the opportunity you had fails you don't feel embarrassed in front of anybody but yourself. It is obviously better when things work out for you and you feel very proud of yourself because you did it by yourself.In conclusion There are many great more advantages to living on your own than not. By having total freedom, not having people push on you and making your descisions for you and you have the advantage of learning about life on your own. By lving on your own you will face the biggest challenge in your life. It is human nature to strike out on your own and live independently.


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1578 words - 7 pages Indians and reality of stereotyping. First of all, media is the main role in the formation of present day stereotypes. American Indian appearance is described as copper bronze skin, long straight hair, braided black hair and dark brown eyes because these images shows on media. However, in our society we are not able to who looks like American Indian because of the abundance of mixed marriages made an impact on their appearance so American Indians

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1313 words - 6 pages Untitled Living On Your Own or With Your Parents To talk about the sorrows of living alone without the warmth of family sounds like nonsense to a lot of those who live with the warmth of their family because it would be like a free man complaining that there is too much space to a prisoner. Is living with your parents really such a tragedy? When we look at the two ways of living, we can find that the major variants lie in freedom

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513 words - 3 pages Living away from homeTo many students coming from distant provinces, the experience of living away from home may be one of the best parts in their university life. This can be really unforgettable and exciting, and at the same time, it has a very important effect on students' life, especially freshmen, as for many of whom, this is their first time living so far away from home in such a long period.The major, and also a very common, problem that

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602 words - 3 pages Free you to include and the writing is at a level I find adequate. If you haven’t completed the assignment in its entirety or your writing needs improvement, I subtract points. If I believe you brought something interesting of your own to the assignment and the writing is especially clear, I add points. An excellent paper is thorough and well done, but it also goes beyond the assignment to bring creative insights to bear on the subject. I rarely give perfect scores because I believe perfection is rare. Keep the following words by the poet Mary Oliver in mind as you work on this assignment. Instruction for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

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1121 words - 5 pages your own mental health, and the only way to have a strong mind is to have a strong and healthy body as well. In conclusion, it is clear that what you eat truly makes you what you are. The relation between fast-food consumption and physical as well as mental health is irrefutably real, and 41% of Canadians are not truly living life to the fullest extent they can with the limitations caused by this fast-food epidemic. The predictions are out: the

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503 words - 3 pages on your dreams. It simply means that you’re recalibrating Career: No one is going to develop your career for you, and a successful career doesn’t happen by chance. To succeed, you’ll need to know where you want to go. This way you can work on developing skills to help you achieve your milestones. After graduating for college, I want to start my own Transportation Service Company. To achieve this goal, I will need to set a plan of what I will need to do. These are things that I will need to: Career planning is important because it can help you leverage your strengths and build confidence. More importantly, it encourages you to take ownership of your career.

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936 words - 4 pages if the next day they’re going to wake up at all, and some people just stick to a normal, plain way of living; although he doesn’t criticize this, because everyone can choose how to live their own lives. The author also makes a comparison of the size of a hummingbird’s heart to the one of a blue whale, this to say that no matter how small or big it is, the heart is what keeps all living beings alive. Even bacteria have fluids that act as their

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378 words - 2 pages Free I admit it was just pretend at the startbut somehow you captured my heartafraid to admit our love was trueI turned my back and hurt youThe Sharp words, weapons to hurt.Too busy making a living to flirt.Lost opportunities, now that's all.Every hurt, another brick in my wall.Turning my back to hurt you,promised never to dessert you.I hurt you with a great big lie.To this day I don't know whyBeing with me in your wholeness dear,is too much torture

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990 words - 4 pages path and that’s her choice. This is painful, but she’s happy with it. She finds freedom from it. On the other hand, some people define purpose of life is to live fully and happily. Living a full life means being in the moment and enjoying every small thing. You have to taste experience, step out of your comfort zone without fear of the new experience. Christopher was born in a wealthy family and graduated from a good college. He can have any

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9567 words - 39 pages brother, Richard, who had chronic kidney failure. Richard Herrick went on to live an active, normal life, dying eight years later from causes unrelated to the transplant. Since that time, thousands of patients have received successful transplants from living donors, which are handled by the center or hospital doing the transplant. For more information, contact your local organ procurement organization (OPO) or transplant program. To find your

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1358 words - 6 pages Have you ever thought about walking down the street on your own and get stopped by a bunch of bullies. What would you do if you had no way of contacting? Smartphones are not only devices used to contact your parents for important things. Those are excuses people like you and me make. For the sake of getting a smartphone. Despite what people might say about smartphones being important in your daily life. They could affect your health, could

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816 words - 4 pages Nelson 1 Jalen Nelson November 16, 2017 Junior English Higginbotham Strength from within Being a nation that desperately seeks individualistic values, there is further more power in that individuality, founded by Ralph Emerson, for it provides the strength to reflect, evolve, and uplift. Imagine being able to live life independently, living by your own beliefs and being able to explore your own personal power of individuality. There’s truly more

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428 words - 2 pages Neighbor Rosicky by Willa Cather is a story about a Czech immigrant named Anton Rosicky and his family who live in a rural farmland area in Nebraska. Rosicky is a kind old man who is truly dedicated to his family. He lives in a house with his wife Mary and their two boys. However, it is his oldest son Rudolph that Rosicky is most concerned about as he has just been married and is off to a rocky start to life on his own. Rosicky is a simple man

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1823 words - 8 pages depression which could often happen if an individual was at home they could be finding getting around becoming difficult they may decide to stay at home more which could result in isolated also with limited ability a fall could easily happen which could result in anxiety. It has been proven that there is a link between living on your own to depression, people that live on there own are prone to being angry, loneliness spending a great deal of