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Living With Or Alone Essay

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Living On Your Own or With Your Parents

To talk about the sorrows of living alone without the warmth of family sounds like nonsense to a lot of those who live with the warmth of their family because it would be like a free man complaining that there is too much space to a prisoner. Is living with your parents really such a tragedy? When we look at the two ways of living, we can find that the major variants lie in freedom, responsibility and sociality. From that we can better understand why living away from the parents is such a celebrated movement.

Living under the same roof with your parents is far away from being free, yet when you live alone, you live with a ...view middle of the document...

When you live with your daddy and mommy, you are promised three meals a day, clean clothes by the morning and an unlimited supply of water and electricity. You would even have a handful of allowance as a bonus to keep life interesting. Living with your parents requires little responsibility and thus you have much less to worry about. All you need to do to keep out of trouble is trying not to wreck destruction upon the house and keeping the general environment clean.

Responsibilities can look like a much more menacing need when you are on your own. You may face new tasks like cooking edible food, untangling washed clothes and actually cleaning up the mess you made. The daily task that comes along with the everyday lives of a human being is now up to you to handle for there is no one but you up for the job. New things are to be tried out and new ways of life to be experienced, but through the harsh or easy situations that may arise, you can gain more integrity as an independent person rather than the baby still clinging onto your mother's breasts.

Living only with your family can in a way lower your sociality. It is like setting your vision only to the other side of the mountain while living outside is like looking over the mountain and into the horizon. When you lead a recluse's life in the den and stopped seeing and living with new people, you tend to stop your socializing clock. The famous image of a fat dude sitting in front of a computer wasting away time and life is the so-called "Otaku" of our society, and they...

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