Lizzie Borden And O.J. Simpson Murder Mystery Bay Creek Middle School/ Language Arts Essay

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Lizzie and O.J, does that name ring a bell in your head? I am sure that it does. I mean how could anyone forget the gruesome murder of  Mrs. and Mr. Borden as well as Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Lyle Goldman. However, despite all of the circumstantial evidence, access to resources, and incriminating evidence both  Lizzie Borden and O.J Simpson were found innocent of the murder. So now that the case has been reopened this essay will look deeper into this case and determine the factors that point towards both Ms.Borden and Mr.Simpson guilty of first-degree murder.
So for us to get the whole idea of this case we need to start with the circumstantial evidence of both cases. A few days before this horrific murder Lizzie bought rat poison saying that she needed to kill rats. On another occasion, her friend reported that she had found Lizzie burning a dress in the kitchen stove a few days after the horrendous murder of Mrs.and Mr.borden. So from the circumstantial evidence, we can infer that Mrs.Borden had tried to destroy the evidence. On the other hand, O.J. Simpson had previously been accused of assaulting his wife Nicole Brown Simpson leading her relatives to report to police that he has indeed “finally killed her.” So there seem to be some family issue going on with Nicole and O.J. With this at hand we can infer that he probably wanted to have Nicole dead. With all of the circumstantial evidence set out on a plate for the police, there should have been no reason for Mr. O.J. Simpson and Mrs.Lizzie Gordon to have gotten away with this gruesome murder.
Next on the list is that O.J. and Lizzie had much access to resources that kept both of them away from jail. On the night of the murder, Mr.Borden’s head was hacked to pieces along with his wife. Though the murder weapon was never found, it could have been said that almost every family in this time had an ax for chopping wood for the fire. Moreover, if we look even deeper between the lines, we can see that Lizzie’s white lies could not hide the fact that she did it-- how do we know? Well, when pol...


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