Locate The Following Resources Based On The Clues Provided And Complete The Chart

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Student name: Abu Olonode
Campus Resources, Services, & Supports Investigation Assignment
100 points
Mission: Locate the following resources based on the clues provided and complete the chart below. You may research online or by physically visiting the actual location to get more information.

Student Need/Clue
Name of Resource/Office Where is this resource?
(Building and room number) List three facts/services provided by this office that you would find useful as a student.

I would like to have a campus tour.
Outreach and Retention CASA 100 1. They offer New Student Orientation Programs 2. They provide weekly campus tours for high school students 3. They have College Connections Advisors who go out to the Cy-Fair ISD high schools every week 1. Money, money, money. Where would I go to apply for a loan or a grant for money for my textbooks and tuition?
Financial Aid Office
AC 111
1. They give assistance related to filing an aid application.
2. They give assistance related to book advance options.

3. They give assistance related to award status information.

2. I am not sure what I want to major in. What kind of person and office can help me?
Counseling Services
SFA 116
1. They help develop academic skills for student success.
2. They help students with disabilities make a successful transition to college.
3. They provide resources for mental health resources and support.

3. Sadly, I need to drop a course. Where would I go to actually drop a course? Where would I turn in the paperwork?
Advising Services
AC 103
1. They assist you with referral of campus and community resources.
2. They assist you with add/drop/withdrawal process.
3. They assist you with advising.

Student Need/Clue
Name of Resource/Office Where is this resource?
(Building and room number) List 3 facts/services provided by this office that you would find useful as a student.

4. I need some help with a paper I am writing. Where do I go to get help?
Library/ Tutoring
AC 114
1. They assist in Writing.
2. They assist in Mathematics.

3. They assist in Reading.

5. The library computers are full. Where else on campus can I go to use a computer? HINT: There are three options (two of which are open labs).

Open Computer Lab

AC 206/AC 211
1. They provide a centralized point of contact for responsive support and technical assistance through teamwork and a proactive approach to identifying and solving problems.
2. They provide extra computer for student use.

3. They assist student with the use of computers.

6. I am trying to register, but I have some restrictions and holds on my account. Where would I go to have these removed?

Business Office
SCC 144
1. They secure college-level approval for all transactions in a timely manner.
2. They ensure documents concur with established university policies and procedures.

3. They write reports on account status.

7. I am having some problems with my fam...

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