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Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games Compare and Contrast Essay
Compare and contrast the situations in Lord of the Flies with The Hunger Games. Look at the notes in your Grammar & Composition pattern on different organizational patterns for writing Compare/Contrast essays. Compare means to note points of similarity. Contrast means to note points of differences.
I. Railroad pattern. The writer says everything about “A” and then says everything about “B” in a parallel manner, like laying down railroad tracks. If the parts of “A” and “B” are substantially different, this pattern can be effective.
II. Tennis Court pattern. The writer chooses one point for “A” and “B” and discusses it as it applies to both “A” and “B” and then selects another point and discusses it as it applies to both “A” and “B”; the writer of the paper moves back and forth between the two items being compared – like a tennis ball.
III. Sock-Sorting pattern. The writer first discusses the similarities between “A” and “B” and then turns to a discussion of the differences between “A” and “B,” like sorting socks and putting all the brown ones in one pile and all the black ones in another.
Sock Sort pattern
I. Similarities of
“A” and “B”
II. Differences of
“A” and “B”
Tennis Court pattern
I. Point 1
a. “A”
b. “B”
II. Point 2
a. “A”
b. “B”
III. Point 3
a. “A”
b. “B”
Railroad pattern
I. “A”
a. point 1
b. point 2
c. point 3
II “B”
a. point 1
b. point 2
c. point 3
You may use any of the patterns of organization.
Using your notes on The Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games, create an outline following one of the organizational patterns. See the guidelines on the back of this sheet.
Then format your essay into paragraphs in MLA. Use specific examples and quotations to make your essay meaningful.
Required: two quotations minimum.
Print the draft of the essay, have it edited using the peer / self-edit sheet, and then make a final copy. Submit it to Turnitin and print a copy to turn in.
Title __________________________________________________________________________________________
I. Introduction
A. Lead (or Hook - to get the reader’s attention - may be a quote, anecdote, statement, or statistic) __________________________________
· B. General Information (be sure to summarize the two stories in the introduction, and give the authors and titles– Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and the movie The Hunger Games, based on the novel by Susan Collins)
C. Thesis Statement - state claim/position (include a point of tension word and a counterclaim) ___________________________________See the three choices of compare / contrast organization, below: set up your outline according to the organizational pattern you choose. You may use other elements from the notes rather than “Survival, Settings, Leaders.”
II. Body Paragraph 1 -
III. B...

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