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Love Conquers All Other Emotions Essay

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“Love conquers all other emotions”, a saying which is demonstrated in the world famous Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. A play of romance, love, hate, anger, conflict and death. A play of two families in an ancient grudge, exchanging blows with each others and losing friends and family to this grudge. But in the midst of this brawl, this continuous fighting, a “pair of star crossed lovers” arise and defy their parents and close friends to continue their ongoing relationship. This love continues and continues until fate takes an abrupt turn and renders them both dead from unfortunate circumstances.Love plays an important role in William Shakespeare's play, Romeo ...view middle of the document...

The act ends in their first kiss."My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready standTo smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.""O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do:They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair."In one scene Romeo courts Juliet in the garden of the Capulet mansion. There they confessed their love for each other and exchanged passionate kisses. Here love was shown by the fact that either of the two was willing to give up their families and last names in order that they can love freely. They also arrange for a time and place for them to meet the next day to make plans in continuing their fruitful relationship. Here love overpowers and overcomes the fear of being caught by Juliet’s relatives.After Romeo’s and Juliet’s marriage , Romeo was so filled with love that he showed compassion to his enemy Tybalt . In a public place Tybalt tries to get Romeo to duel with him but Romeo denies it due to the love inside. His love for Juliet overcomes his anger and hate at the rest of her relatives.“Tybalt, the reason that I love theeDoth much excuse the appertaining rageTo such a greeting. Villain am I none;Therefore farewell; I see thou know’st me not”Romeo receives word of Juliet’s death. Overcome with grief he plans to commit suicide and buys the strongest poison from an apothecary . Unfortunately he didn’t receive...

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