Lovers That Fight Till The End To Be Together English Essay

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Talia Espinoza
September 10, 2018
English B1A
1984 Essay
In the book 1984, written by George Orwell the protagonist are Winston Smith and Julia. Who are both have this romantic relationship in a bad conditions that they were living in a century of hate. These two have characters have an affair. They both confused love with attraction.
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At the beginning of this story they met at the ministry of love where Winston works. They did not know about each other. For some reason Winston have a bad impression of Julia. At some point he thought she was part of the thought police because she followed him several times. He really thought the worse of her because the impression he has of her before meeting her and talk to her. Orwell notes says “Winston had disliked her for the very first moment of seeing her. He disliked nearly all the young and pretty girls. But this particular girl gave him a dangerous girl.” (Orwell, 10) This paragraph it says why Winston did not like Julia. He had this bad idea of her by just looking at her.
Body 2
Julia that she was in love with Winston, but she does not care about his feelings or his past. When he was telling her about his mom she turns back and fell asleep with having not interested in heard him. Orwell says “He told Julia the story of his mother’s disappearance without opening her eyes, she rolled over and settled into be more comfortable position. From her breathing it was evident that she was falling asleep again.” (Orwell,164). Winston is very sentimental of just talking about his mother who he does not know if she alive or death. Winston for some reason don’t feel the same for Julia because the way she acts towards with him.
Body 3
All the love they supposed have to each other was either fake or just an attraction between them two. They both betrayed themselves to save their lives. Julia betrayed Winston because she was not that interested in him. For Winston part he betrayed her to not end up in room 101 and die. Orwell notes “Winston yelled” “Do it to Julia, Do it to Julia Not me! I don’t care what you do to her. Take her face off, strip her to the bones”. (Orwell,286). Winston and Julia at the end of the day they both lie on their love and have not confidence between them. He was saying bad comments about to her, and save himself of going to the scariest room he knows.


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