Luftwaffe:The Most Advanced Air Force World War Ii Essay

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Anish Goli
English 8 Pre-AP
Luftwaffe: Most Advanced Air force
WWII was the second global war in which the Axis powers, Germany, Italy and Japan versed the Allies including America, Great Britain, Russia and France. In this war many new inventions and more advanced technology has been developed for this event. Also, many groups have been founded such the Axis and the Allies. During this time a political party known as the Nazi Party rose to power in Germany and had the mindset that the German race was the supreme race and, to make this a reality the party had to raise their military power. In February 26, 1935, the date that the most advanced air force of its time was founded. The Luftwaffe was an addition to the building Nazi army. ( This addition to the army was crucial to the success of the Nazi party by giving them an efficient communication system. ( Also due to the civilian airline, Lufthansa, giving the soon to be Luftwaffe pilots training this gave the Nazi party an expense that wouldn’t have to be paid. (
Founded on February 26, 1935 the Luftwaffe was an addition added to the Nazi Army. This extension to the military force at first had many problems at the beginning, such as weak air defensive due to Adolf Hitler Foreign policy which was provoking Germany into another war before the Luftwaffe could develop a powerful air defense. (Caldwell, Donald; Muller, Richard (2007)) Another hurdle came from command and control centers but, with innovation from the Germans they implemented a new ground to air radio system that made the Luftwaffe became so efficient that the Nazi Party used this method as their main way to communicate. (Hooton, E.R.) During the Early years of the Luftwaffe many high-ranking officers have taken an interest into advancing their power in dive bombing rather than traditional dog fight. This would make their main strategy guerrilla warfare at tactic that require small groups to do multiple hit and runs which would make dive bombing a very good addition too the strategy used. Many missions carried out by the Luftwaffe were using the dive-bombing strategy so this was a successful risk.
Instead of the Luftwaffe mission mainly consisting of traditional dog fights they were mostly used for bombing supporters of the war. Places such as airplane factories and rail roads were a common target due to them being crucial to the enemy and an easy mission to carry out.
This made the Luftwaffe a group that focused on weakening the enemy rather that head to head fights this and along with the immense amount of bombers ready for use this made the Luftwaffe perfect for slowly stopping the enemy to a halt
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