Macbeth Essay Explaining Themes Of Order And Chaos Throughout The Play - Gr 11 English - Essay Assignment

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Macbeth Essay
Eric Burdon, a famous singer and songwriter once said, “Inside each of us, there is the
seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist
without the other.” This quote is proven to be a fact when displayed by the characters in the
Shakespearean play, Macbeth. The plot of the play is about the deranged hero Macbeth who
comes to power by manipulating his enemies and his friends through sickening power, murder,
and extortion. His wife, lady Macbeth also partakes in her husbands rise to tyranny. Along the
way he is strongly influenced by supernatural forces that turn a once noble knight into a dictator
and a tyrant. Not long after, he succumbs to greed, jealousy and serious suspicions about all who
surround him. By doing this, Macbeth succeeded in driving himself to his own demise and ended
his reign over Scotland. Whilst this all happened, characters such as Banquo, Macduff and King
Duncan all attempt to recover the true and respected nation of which they had remembered
before Macbeth had gained total control. It is clear that Shakespeare uses the theme of order and
chaos through the elements in his play.
First of all, characters within the play try to keep order during Macbeth’s tyranny. For
example, King Duncan was able to keep order in his rule by being a role model to all as well as a
great leader who had done nothing to benefit his people. Macbeth, being the cruel soul he
displayed, was even able to admit that “(Duncan) hath been so clear in his great office, that his
virtues will plead like angels, trumpet-tongued, against the deep damnation of his taking-off” (I,
vii, 17-20). Duncan was a strong and noble leader who kept his servants and people happy with
all of his actions. People were content with Duncan’s role as a leader and wanted to see him rule
for as long as possible. Also, Banquo took action to regain order as soon as the body of Duncan
had been found in his dorm. Banquo had said, “and thence against the undivulged pretence I
fight of treasonous malice” (II, iii, 123-125). Banquo had been the first to stand up and say that
he would find out who had killed Duncan and punish them for their treasonous behaviours. It
was then that all who were loyal to Duncan were able to join along and agree to bring justice
upon the murderer who was Macbeth. This grouped a band of powerful and just people to keep
level headed in a time of despair. Moreover, Macduff was able to create order amongst Scotland
when he was finally able to slay Macbeth. After he had decapitated Macbeth, Macduff and
yelled, “The time is free!… That speak my salutations in their mind… whose voices desire along
with mine” (V, ix, 20, 21-22). He had told the people of Scotland that the terrible reign of
Macbeth was over and that he was speaking and acting for them when he had killed Macbeth.
Macduff was able to bring order to the country. As soon as Malcolm, had began his rightful rule
to the throne, Scotland ...

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