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Made Up Business's Business Plan. Business: Gypo Net Internet Service Provider In Australia. Complete With Full Diagrams And Tables

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1.0 Executive SummaryGypoNet in an internet service provider and web hoster in Sydney NSW, Australia. The purpose of this business plan is to outline the Start-Up of GypoNet in the future, outlining plans, goals and how to achieve them.Our business aims to create a monopoly in the industry in which GypoNet will be the only ISP available to produce speeds not yet experienced by Australian users, but have been around for a large ...view middle of the document...

2.0 Management SummaryGypoNet's philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Gyponet tries to provide an environment for the employee's to work in in order for them to display this philosophy not only to each other but to the customers also.GypoNet's management is highly experienced with both network staff from verizon in America, a successful ISP with similar goals to GypoNet.3.0 Financial PlanFunding Requirements and UsesThe company is raising $1.25 million for the purpose of growth and operations required to bring Australian internet up-to-date. This funding will cover operating expenses and product development during this period.3.1 Significant AssumptionsThe following financial projections are based upon past research and trends as well as GypoNet's managements knowledge3.3 Projected Profit and LossGypoNet is in the early stages of developing the business, and hence the projections given were based upon research and knowledge of GypoNet's experienced staff.SEE ATTATCHED DOCUMENTS FOR DIAGRAMS AND TABLES

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